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My smartphone lights up, I received a message on Snapchat.
‘Hi Maria, this is Tina (name changed), we were at the same school. Do you remember me? Great to see how successful you have become.’
A question mark is swelling in my brain.
A classic WTF moment.
Of course I knew who Tina was. We were part of each others lives for eight years, even hung with the same group of people. We may not have been all that close, but you don’t just forget someone you knew for a third of your lifetime. I remember her laugh and her characteristic gestures. I’ don’t recall many shared moments, what I remember is more a specific feeling, if that makes sense.
Either way, I definitely remember her, and why shouldn’t I?

Masha Sedgwick | Blog | Germany Berlin | Self perception | revolve | outfit

I think that’s what really surprised me in the message, this little ‘do you still remember me?’.
I don’t know, it made me think.
OK, I graduated about ten years ago, I left my hometown and live in Berlin now, I have changed my style quite drastically, and am a different person emotionally. I have grown, in many ways. But that doesn’t mean my memory of the past has been wiped out. In many ways I’m still Masha, the girl I used to be. Right?

Masha Sedgwick | Blog | Germany Berlin | Self perception | revolve | outfit

I think the situation hints at a common misunderstanding.
I somehow became a public figure, and it seems that many people think that I must have turned into a different person in the process.
They see me through different eyes, they have a perspective I personally lack. That’s actually quite a common phenomenon for people in the public eye: your own perception of yourself and how other people see you start to drift apart. In other words, I don’t see myself the way you see me.

Masha Sedgwick | Blog | Germany Berlin | Self perception | revolve | outfit

The distance that my classmate Tina perceives does not exist from my point of view.
I am not that different from her, after all, and I really don’t see the point in elevating myself to an imaginary pedestal – that would only make it more difficult to communicate on eye-level with everyone around me.
I sometimes feel uneasy in groups in which I’m tagged ‘Masha, the successful blogger’. The reason is that this projection makes me want to live up to the expectations in me, and that creates pressure. I don’t want to disappoint anyone’s high expectations in me, so I try to be my best self, which can be quite exhausting at times. The truth is of course that I’m not only ‘Mash the successful blogger’, I am also Masha who is sometimes insecure, exhausted, spaced out or absent-minded. Sometimes I am Masha, the girl who prefers to listen instead of talking. I don’t want to be tied down by expectations.
This dynamic is a reason why celebrities are often in relationships with other celebrities, and why really big stars often feel so lonely. Every day they face this big gulf between how they seem themselves and how their environment reacts to them. Ultimately, what they want is to be seen as who they are, and they will always prefer genuine emotions to smoke and mirrors.

Sweater: ON the Road
Pants: X Revolve
Shoes: Raye
Bag: Fendi
Location: Café Hygge

Masha Sedgwick | Blog | Germany Berlin | Self perception | revolve | outfit

They long for someone that let’s them be who they are, someone who does not expect them to live up to any preconceived image. I know many young women that are very well known – and very lonely. Even if it sounds like a hollow phrase, but there’s no way around this simple fact of life: at the end of the day we’re all just human beings. No more, and no less.


I’d be lying if I told you I have completely arrived. The truth is, my thoughts and part of my heart are still in Cape Town, only my body is grinding on in Berlin. I had this moment, coming back from Cape Town, still in summer mode, flying over Berlin…. and seeing that the whole city was draped in white. Even though I had heard before that it was snowing in Berlin it just seemed to distant to really sink in. And then, seemingly from one moment to the next, I found myself out of the sun and in the middle of a snowed-in city.
Nothing much happened this week, apart from the fact that I’m trying to re-engage with daily life. I’m exercising regularly at the moment, and have picked up my normal writing and posting rhythm as well. That said, I will keep the posting frequency slightly reduced to 4-5 posts over the course of the next two weeks – but let me tell you, I have some beautiful things for you in the making, among them a very emotional text and my Cape Town review.

Next week:
It’s Fashion Week, Baby!
The whole thing will kick off in Berlin on Tuesday, which is the main reason why I will be a little less active on the blog that week. I’ll make up for it with plenty of content on Instagram and Stories. I’ll basically take you with me, and will offer you a glimpse behind the scenes with my favorite designers. The main challenge for me will be to dress up in style and make sure that I’m warm enough. Let’s see what I can put together. What I’m looking forward to most is meeting so many of my friends again. It’s going to be a real highlight, the whole thing!

Snap back to reality,
(Oh there goes gravity)

Big News:
I’ve rarely been so excited about the start of a new project as with my newest baby: I started a podcast!
Lisa of Blogger Bazaar and myself are planning a weekly podcast in which we’ll chat about every-day issues, and everything that’s been on our mind that week. We’ll start for real next week, but our pilot is already recorded! We didn’t edit anything, and have also not agreed on a name yet, but all that is going to come with time. This was one of my big goals for 2017, and I’m so incredibly happy that we actually pulled ourselves together and just did it – and so fast. Sure, the whole thing is far from perfect right now, but good things take practice, and if there’s one thing I learned over the years it’s this: just start, the rest will follow.
So, dear readers, I’m happy to share episode one of our new podcast with you. Check it out, and let me know how you liked it. I’m SO curious to hear your feedback!!


sweater: Revolve
shoes: Reebok (exklusiv via Footlocker)
pants: H&M

Can we take a moment and talk about the fact that I discovered my first grey hair?
I’m getting old.
I’m not joking, either. The other day I was pondering the trivial question what I’m going to do next with my hair… and then I saw it. It’s grey, and it grows on my head. Ok, Masha, focus: what am I going to do next with my hair? Should I let it grow out and rock my natural hair color for the first time in 15 years, or should I keep bleaching? Or maybe I leave the ends bleached and leave the new growth natural? I don’t have the answer yet.

Favorite show:
Türkisch für Anfänger (‘Turkish for Beginners’ – a German cult show)
I know, I know, this one’s been around for quite a while, but I only just discovered it on Netflix, and it’s awesome :DD

New in:
Kenzo bag
Acne shoes
YSL cuff
Kiomi sweater

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