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Dear readers,
I hope you’re not too mad at me for not posting that much on the blog the past couple of days. I decided to live my experience in Taiwan to the fullest, to shoot whenever I can, and to take you with me on Instagram and Stories . I don’t think I would have taken that liberty in the past. Instead, I would have stressed back to the hotel room at every opportunity to type a ‚quick‘ post, probably with a bad mood while at it. I didn’t want to go there this time. I just felt it makes more sense to explore the island, to get massages from time to time, to eat all that the local cuisine has to offer, and to take tons of pics!
My trip is slowly coming to an end, and I am full with new impressions that I am excited to share with you! In fact, I saw and experienced so much here that I won’t be able to pack it all in one single blog post – I’ll split it up. What are you guys most interested in? Anything you’d love to see covered in particular?
This much I can tell you straight away: Taiwan is an incredibly impressive country, and I fell head over heels in love with it. That said, it’s always nice to come home, and I’m excited to see my little furry friends again, who are currently in the loving care of Swen’s mother. They’ll probably be even fatter when I come back than they were when I left them. And yes, I’m also really looking forward to the next round of blog posts :)

Big City Lights Editorial | outfit style: Asia, edgy, cool, sophisticated, sexy

„You weren’t born to just pay bills and die.“

There’s one more thing I just have to tell you straight away. So, Lisa and I have dared each other in our last podcast to do something that we’re afraid of and that we wouldn’t otherwise do. The idea was to get over fear, and to come out stronger in the process. After all, these little efforts to overcome obstacles are what makes us grow in life, they give us courage and confidence.
So, yeah, I did something I’d otherwise be scared of, something I wouldn’t normally do:
I ate worms.
Yep, you read that right! I ate worms.
They were not alive, they were dead and fried, but it was a huge (!) effort to really put them in my mouth! But the chewing and swallowing part was not actually as bad as I thought. In other words: I didn’t throw up or anything like that. I am terribly afraid of insects, but somehow I managed to gulp these disgusting things down. The most important thing is: this is a challenge I have mastered, and that I no longer need to be afraid of!

I can’t say I loved it, and I don’t see worms becoming a staple in my diet any time soon, but I did found out that I am capable of trying things that disgust me. Somehow I feel strengthened by the challenge, more experienced, more confident. I will always remember this trip and the moment I ate worms for the first time.
Youth is supposed to be a time of not worrying too much, of gathering experiences, of expanding boundaries, right? I hope I will be able to retain a certain carefreeness for later phases in life. Why don’t you try it, too? Join our challenge, and do something you’d otherwise be too scared to do.
Doesn’t have to be worms ;)
This brings to mind another awful thing I ate: pig ear in aspic. It wasn’t really a challenge, as the dish was recommended to me and I just ordered and ate it without asking questions. I only found out after the meal, so I never had a chance to freak out. Either way, I really wouldn’t recommend it.

Big City Lights Editorial | outfit style: Asia, edgy, cool, sophisticated, sexy

Big City Lights Editorial | outfit style: Asia, edgy, cool, sophisticated, sexy

dress: Day Birger et Mikkelsen
shoes: Diesel Black Gold
sunnies: Ray-Ban

What to do when your little son tells you he wants to become a Youtube star? How would you react?
This column made me smile, especially after the godawful song that Bibi released (the repercussions of which even reached me in Taiwan). I really wonder what on earth she and her management were thinking. I only have this one question: why?
Well, whatever Bibi’s motivations were, the article I read sums it up really neatly. It basically confirms the predictions we heard a couple of years ago. It’s finally happening: today’s kids are no longer aspiring to become models, singers or veterinarians, they want to become influencers. Gosh.
I really couldn’t say whether I’d be all that happy to see my kid follow my professional footsteps. Honestly, I think I wouldn’t like it. The business can destroy you, especially if you’re really young. I imagine wouldn’t feel comfortable with my child’s decision at all. This industry is so superficial and egocentric, and I’d really want my kid to have it’s compass of values adjusted to more than just it-bags and stuff.

Mai 14, 2017

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  1. Sehr schöne Bildstrecke, insbesondere die gesamte Lichtsituation in der Kombi zu diesen Beleuchtungs-Highlights! Du passt perfekt in diese Szenerie rein und auch zu Taiwan, oder Taiwan zu dir. Sehr tolle Bilder!

  2. Toller Beitrag liebe Masha! Wir können verstehen, wenn du nicht täglich etwas auf dem Blog postest: Quality above Quantity zählt ja immer noch! ;) Die Bilder sind definitiv der absolute Hammer, wie immer allerdings.
    Du kannst echt stolz drauf sein, dass du Würmer gegessen hast, ich würde mich das nie trauen, aber es ist sehr wichtig, dass du diese Angst überwunden hast! <3
    Liebe Grüße,
    Sandra / http://shineoffashion.com

    1. Hi Sandra,
      ich habe auch gedacht, dass ich mich nie und nimmer trauen würde, ABER ich habe es gemacht und bin ziemlich stolz drauf^^

      Ich glaube du würdest es auch packen, wenn du es dir wirklich vornehmen würdest :)