22. Weekly Update


I had a rough day yesterday and felt really low. It happens quite frequently these days. It was one of those days where all I wanted to do was to hide and forget all about my life. Somehow I felt like a complete loser. I know that it’s not a big deal and that everyone feels like that from time to time, but it was a really dark hole I fell into yesterday. My way of dealing with it was to share how I felt with you on Instastories. I mean, that’s the problem, isn’t it?
Everything always looks so amazing on social media, everyone seems happy… but what to do when you don’t feel happy, when life doesn’t feel beautiful? I often feel like that, and I usually get the impression I am completely alone with these emotions.

Well, pretty much straight away I got a disrespectful comment along the lines of ‚You look like a ghost without makeup and lipstick. I’m going to have to unfollow you. Do your followers a favor and always remember to put on make-up.‘
So far, so shit.
But then came your reaction, and I was so touched by it that it brought tears to my eyes. I received sooo many lovely messages and encouragement from you. Many of you were as speechless as I was that a man would be capable of saying such a thing to a woman.
I want to tell you that I am so very thankful for your love and comments. Every single one of them made me smile! I really don’t know how to adequately express my gratitude. You are wonderful. THANK YOU! I simply cannot express how much the love you send my way every day means to me!

Masha Sedgwick | Frau auf dem Balkon in Italien | Stimmung: romantisch, verträumt

Blumen / Pfingstrosen

DI was in Milan this week, which meant – you guessed it – a bit of dolce vita for yours truly. Not too much though, sadly, my trip was quite a brief one. I love Italy and always enjoy wandering through beautiful Italian alleys. Could have easily stayed a bit longer, even though the entire trip was packed with work, meetings and refreshing my make-up.
But I had an awesome reason for the trip down south: Armani is launching a new fragrance, and invited me to Milan. Where else, right?

Armani is everywhere in this city – Armani Hotel, Armani Café, Armani Museum, Armani Theater, Armani whatnot. A new fragrance seems like a natural addition, especially since this scent was created to symbolize a perfect couple. But more on that later.
So, while those were busy days, the rest of the week was more quiet, which meant I had a chance to work off some items on my to do list. I already ticked one of those boxes the day before yesterday by posting part one of my comprehensive Taiwan guide. Next week I’ll hopefully have part two for you!

And before I forget: Happy Pentecost everyone!

My little trip to Italy also took me to Florence, where I had the honor to meet the founder of Luisaviaroma for lunch. It was of course incredibly interesting to meet such a personality from the fashion industry, and to get to glimpse behind the curtain of such a major company. At these occasions I always hope I can take something with me – I think I really could with this one.
The thing is, I sometimes ask myself what real leadership quality is at the heart of it. I believe that on top of many other qualities a certain hardness is necessary. I could also call it a certain distance. Well, with that in mind it was beautiful to see that the man behind this large company is not a hardened human being. On the contrary, he can be soft as butter, especially when it comes to La Famiglia. Unlike many other large companies, Luisaviaroma is a real family enterprise. What started out as an inherited hat store (called Luisa on Via Roma) is now a luxury company run jointly by several generations.

Talking to the founder I asked him about his values in life, and the reply was that family, health and quality are the most important things for him.
And you know how it is, the best quality is not always the most fancy – as exemplified by the restaurant we had lunch in, which was a tiny place at the end of a little street. A regular everyday place, where he has eaten lunch for the past 20 years. The restaurant looked more like a little living room, with a kitchen that looks exactly like it did 50 years ago. They don’t even have a fridge, everything is bought fresh. All these little details just add to the charm of the place.
‚Why do you come here, of all places?‘ I asked him.
‚Because the food has been good for 20 years straight‘.
And then we drank to the future.
I have a feeling I will be back in Florence before too long.


I’m a little sad because I finished the Light Saga by Brent Weeks.
As some of you know already, I am a huge fan of epic fantasy stories, and always on the lookout for a new universe I can immerse myself in. The Light Saga was a great find, it describes a world in which magic and light are connected. It’s maybe a bit like an Arab version of Harry Potter, in as much as the plot is centered on a specific location, and the protagonist is a young student who is still in school. If you love corny hero stories with surprising plot twists, and if you don’t mind stories that sprawl out over several books, then look no further than the Light Saga. I, for my part, cannot wait for the next part!!

Juni 4, 2017
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  1. Sometimes I wish I was less polite to respond to the ‚very nice‘ people on social media the way they deserve it, but, eh, no one said keeping the high ground is easy :)
    Probably not much of a feel-better but personally I think you are very cute! Make-up or no make-up, who really cares?

  2. Schon der 22. Wochenrückblick? Mannomann, die Zeit vergeht wirklich wie im Flug. Wir haben einfach schon bald die Hälfte des Jahres 2017 rum – krass!

    Ich muss sagen, dass ich es wirklich gut finde, wie offen du damit umgehst, dass es dir auch mal nicht so gut geht und dass du zeigst, dass dieses „perfekte“ Social Media Leben eben nicht der Realität entspricht. Das Kommentar, das da kam geht ja mal gar nicht. Wie kann man so etwas schreiben? Ich verstehe ehrlich nicht, was solche Menschen davon haben, andere im Internet schlecht zu machen…

    Dein Bild mit dem Parfüm sieht super aus, es könnte echt einem Armani-Werbeplakat entsprungen sein. Was trägst du denn da für einen Lippenstift? Der sieht toll aus und steht dir richtig richtig gut!

    Mailand, Florenz… In beiden Städten war ich bisher noch nicht, aber sie sollen beide toll sein – ab damit auf meine Bucket List. :D

    Deine New Ins mag ich, besonders die Tasche ist ja mal toll. Die Farbe ist super schön und perfekt für den Sommer. <3

    Ganz liebe Grüße und schöne Pfingsten,

    Krissi von the marquise diamond