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Portrait Masha Sedgwick / Maria Astor | Blogger from Berlin

sad Portrait Masha Sedgwick | Blogger aus Berlin

За эту неделю мне удалось переделать кучу дел, но я была не так активна в соцсетях, как хотелось бы. Я старалась быть продуктивной, поэтому мне удалось запостить несколько материалов про Тайвань с фотографиями и видео. Также на подходе материал про блогерский бизнес, который выйдет завтра. У меня голова идет кругом от всей этой работы. Возможно, именно это стало причиной снижения моей социальной активности, может, у меня попросту не хватало слов? На этой неделе общение зашкаливало! Теперь же я мечтаю уединиться, побыть в тишине и выспаться.

That said, it feels amazing wrapping up projects. That feeling of relief and release alone is worth the effort. Now that I worked off the worst of it, I have the headspace to dedicate myself to new ideas. I have sooooo many right now….

Chester Bennington’s death came as a massive shock to me. Like everyone else, I was completely unprepared. I just cannot bring the person I met, this radiant soul that lightened up the room when I met him, this lovely, genuine human being on the same page as the Chester who apparently took his own life in a bout of depression.

Linkin Park was the band of my youth, the group that opened up the world of alternative music for me. I remember so clearly how I played their first album on my shitty little space-blue CD player, over and over again. I remember leafing through the booklet reading the lyrics, translating and memorizing them. And how happy was I seeing them live a month ago, revelling in the past with a like-minded crowd. We were transported back to a time when everything seemed so much easier, even though it was shitty. At least we could shout ’shut up!‘ together, from the bottom of our hearts. There was always that. After the concert I met Chester, had the chance to chat with him, and was overwhelmed by his genuine friendliness. I was all fangirl, and a forgotten dream came true for me.

With Chester’s death I lose a part of myself. I will never be able to hear his songs the way I used to.
Safe journey Chester! I hope you find your peace ♥

Life is too short to not tell those you love how important they are for you. In the hustle of life we often forget to tell our loved one’s that we love them and don’t let them know how important they are to us. How often do I think to myself: ‚Well, they know it anyways…‘.
Sure, we know deep inside that our loved one’s care for us, but it really can’t hurt to say it from time to time!

Call your family, surprise your mum or your loved one’s, tell your dear friends that you’ll always be there for them, no matter what. What do we have if we don’t have each other?

be good to people for no reason.

Street Style vor der Dorothee Schumacher Show in Berlin | Juli 2917 | Masha Sedgwick | Foto: Jeremy Möller

Street Style vor der Dorothee Schumacher Show in Berlin | Juli 2917 | Masha Sedgwick | Foto: Jeremy Möller

I am reading the second instalment of Rebecca Gable’s historic novel about Otto the Great.

I love history novels if they’re well written. It’s the best way to be entertained and learn history. Otto’s life story is closely interwoven with the history of Germany, before our stretch of land was given that name. The events unfold in the dark middle ages. The author filled out gaps in the historic accounts with fictitious passages, without ever venturing far from the known story. The book is very suspenseful and great to read, and perfect if you have any interest in history at all.

This track makes me happy right now, and not only because my good mate Davy has a role in the clip! Give it a spin, and make sure to check out the video as well!

Juli 23, 2017
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  1. If I called my mum just to tell her I love her she’d probably think I am dying… Which does say something about how awful a daughter I am :)
    I do call her every week! I promise!

    P.S. Your layout for this post is very off on my machine (viewing it in Chrome), and the intro is all in Russian, which, I guess, works for me but I imagine not for everyone ;) Just thought I’d let you know!