30. Weekly Update


jumpsuit: Dawid Tomaszewski
shoes: Stuart Weitzman
location: Amano Central

I am escaping Berlin.
IIt has been ages that I felt the need to do that, but the weather was so terrible the past couple of weeks that I had zero motivation left to leave the door. We Berliners lived in constant fear of beaing soaked by the next rain shower. On top of it, most of my friends are scattered around the world, enjoying life at distant places. And an empty, grey, rainy city is just not cool – even if it’s my favorite place in the world. Well, I have trips to Copenhagen, NY and Tokyo lined up, but I decided to pay a German town a visit first: Dortmund.
Seriously, I am writing these lines sitting in a cozy hotel bed in Dortmund, a little tired after a long journey and a short night. I am back in the town I grew up in and where I went to school. I moved away more than 10 years ago, but I can count my visits on one hand.
Maybe I am back here because I felt so uprooted during the past few weeks. I just don’t want to loose the connection with my former home altogether, even though I have long found a new and wonderful home in Berlin. Sometimes it’s nice to think back, to reflect on bygone times, to relive some memories and to appreciate a new perspective on the past.

Or maybe my nostalgia is just a sign of me growing older, maybe that’s why I felt this deep urge to wander the streets of the city where my journey began, to feel like a teenager again, ten years after having departed, before the memory fades too much.
It was a genuinely strange feeling arriving in this city, orientating myself in it. Seemingly incidental memories popped up in my mind out of nowhere, images of how I opened my first bank account and bought my first digital camera. Small things, which somehow nevertheless mark milestones for me. Looking back on them is beautiful. These small things are what makes us who we are, they shape our lives.
The timing is right, as the Juicy Beats festival is currently taking place in Dortmund, engulfing the city in easy-going vibes. The overall atmosphere is great. I picked the right moment to ‘come home’.

New in:
I bought a Gucci bag. And sent it back, because I was so disappointed with the quality. I was really ready to give the label another chance, even though the current Gucci-fever already made me sceptical. Nope, Gucci and me, it isn’t meant to be. I also bought a pair of starry boots, and literally the first (!) time I wore them both heels broke off. Bad luck this week…

The world is so tiny. Even in Dortmund, quite a long way from my current hometown, I meet people who I know from Cologne or Berlin. Somehow that gives me the wonderful feeling that I could go anywhere in the world and will always meet people who make me feel home. Crazy!

Savory Foodtruck Churros by Cologne based Churro’s Bro’s. Yummy!

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  1. Oh gosh, I have been thinking of going back to Italy after 6 years in London and then I’m reading you have feelings of nostalgia too while getting older


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