32. Weekly Update



I attended Fashion Week in Copenhagen this week, and was happy to meet some old friends and dear colleagues there. Copenhagen Fashion Week has become almost like a class reunion for me. On the one hand there are all these amazing labels presenting there, on the other hand there’s still a somehow familial vibe to the event, maybe because it’s not too big. Everyone’s there, but at the same time it’s not too crowded at all. Plus, Copenhagen is just an incredibly photogenic city, but more on that later. I was fortunate to travel with an amazing photographer, and will share a series of pics with you soon.
Now I’m going to take a short breather, prepare my posts for next week and then go straight to packing my bags again. Next week I’ll be heading to…. NEW YORK! It’s been ages since I last visited the Big Apple, and I literally can’t wait to see the city again. I love it so much, yet I’ve never been there outside of Fashion Week. I am genuinely excited, looking forward to roaming the streets of NY soon, big time. A simple fact of life: New York is pretty damn awesome.

Suit: Lala Berlin
bag: Givenchy
shirt: Givenchy
pumps: YSL

Good news:
Lisa and I are now on Spotify!! We are SO happy that this finally worked out, and we’ll take the opportunity to professionalize our operation a little. The sound quality has already improved a lot, and we are getting better at pacing our show. I definitely notice a big difference between the newer episodes and the older ones, somehow we seem to have found our rhythm recently :)

Can we please take a second and talk about how frickin‘ awesome the last episode of Game of Thrones was? Now that GOT is back on the air I feel a renewed purpose in life, and I am waiting for Monday to come around with every fibre of my body. What’s more, I am impatient enough to go down the rabbit hole of GOT forum sites, where each episode is discussed and dissected, to get my fix in between episodes. I just can’t get enough.
Game of Thrones is simply the best TV series EVER. No discussion!

Sometimes it helps to get a bit of distance from things to refresh one’s perspective and to appreciate them again. At least that’s how it is for me. At some point I was traveling so much that I couldn’t appreciate it anymore, at all. Now that I spent a relatively long period in Berlin, I started missing the world out there. I miss the adventures and excitement that going on a journey entails. I am looking forward to the next round of trips, and feel well equipped to actually enjoy my travels this time around.
That said, I think it’s also to do with the fact that I simply need to put a bit of distance between myself and my every-day life. Cannot wait to travel more again, to see more of the world. Somehow I felt the walls were closing in on me the past couple of weeks. I know that’s pretty normal, and I also know the best remedy in order to get a clear head in such situations is to go out and travel!

August 13, 2017
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    1. ja irgendwie ist mir diese Woche nicht so viel eingefallen :DD

      Auf den Beitrag freue ich mich auch. ich denke mal ich setze mich diese Woche dran, dann ist er nächste Woche fertig :)))