34. Weekly Update



Entire generations have tried a fresh start here. They came with boats and on planes in search of a new life. Walking down these streets, being carried away by the incredible wave of energy in this town, I can understand why they pinned their hopes on this city. I LOVE NEW YORK! And to be honest, I am also longing for a new start. Looking out the window of my hotel room on the 13th floor, I see the Statue of Liberty. The emotion I feel is bittersweet, somewhere between wanting to escape the past and hope for a bright future. Mixed feelings, in other words. I would not turn my back on Berlin. But a lot of things will change for me in the weeks ahead.
I am sorry I was so under the radar in the past couple of weeks. I want to keep sharing with you. But you know how it goes, before a computer can restart the screen has to go black first. And then all runs smoother than before.
I have a lot of things on my mind, a lot I cannot really put into words. I will talk about it in detail in the weeks ahead, but so far I haven’t really found the right approach yet. I can only say that I am at the verge of a new phase of life, and I am facing a new challenge. Once I am back in Europe I will have the time and headspace to write some posts about my new life situation, but right now, in this beautiful city, it’s not the time.
I hope you will understand me better once I share what’s going on ♥

I am also hoping for a fresh start with my YouTube channel. I know I already promised you an overhaul a little while ago, but now it’s really looking good! Hopefully you’ll see a good bit more of me in the near future. First up will be a travel video from New York!

Way too much. This city makes me incredibly happy but also overwhelms me with all it has to offer. Plus: I can’t wait to watch the last episode of the most recent GOT season! I was pretty besides me after the last episode. I mean: WTF.
Is there something like a GOT public viewing in NYC?

I read another great article about influencer marketing, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to you guys! This one’s a very smart interview with a marketing specialist, who describes the real difference between the German and the American influencer markets. While it feels like the 1000th article dealing with this particular subject, this one is really worth a read and perfectly sums up my personal opinions well!

What made me really happy:
SEPHORA! Honestly guys, I left the store in a trance, I couldn’t have told you there and then all the things I bought. But each and every piece I got is crucial, nothing is superfluous, I need it all!
And then there’s the story with the waitress. Up until recently I lived in Soho ♥ , where I had my dinner and lunch at Butcher’s Daughter a couple of times. In fact, I went there so often that the waitress already knew me. Then, one day, I was ambling around in the Meat Packing District, looking for a chilled restaurant for dinner. Without thinking much about it I chose a little café. And who was welcoming me at the door? The waitress from Soho. And what did the sign read? Butcher’s Daughter. By a wonderful coincidence I had stumbled into the second Butcher’s Daughter branche, just the day when ‘my’ waitress was doing a double shift in both. And on top of it she was extremely friendly. Such a sweet experience.

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  1. Wie schön, dass dir mein Interview in der W&V so gut gefallen hat! Und wie schade, dass du schon wieder weg bist. Nächstes Mal Breakfast bei Butcher’s Daughter!


  2. Masha sending love. If there is one place to be in a ‘crisis’ I imagine New York might be it. <3


  3. Ohhh, ich will auch endlich nach NY! Ich hoffe, du genießt die Zeit in der Stadt mit vollen Zügen, aber das glaube ich, schaust sooo happy auf den Bildern!!! Und die photos sind auch der Hammer, freue mich auf nächste Eindrücke und Beiträge aus der Stadt!
    Liebe Grüße,


    1. unbedingt solltest du das! Das ist einfach eine SO SO SO geile Stadt :))

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