39. Weekly Update

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shirt: Samsoe & Samsoe
pants: Monki
sneakers: LVR & DG

I take a deep breath.
I almost made it.
Almost. I gather my strength for the last round.

My life moves so fast these days that I feel like someone has put it on fast forward. Fast, and then faster still. And I wish I could pause it, enjoy the moment, breathe deeply, and then continue at regular pace.
There is so much happening right now, all of it at the same time, and that’s beautiful, but somehow it also means I’m not able to really live consciously through all these experiences. Above all, I am functioning. And when I drop into bed at night, exhausted by the day, I fall asleep immediately. What’s happening, you ask?
Firstly, there’s the big TV project, which took me to Munich first, then to Iceland and next week to Lisbon. I have to admit that I completely underestimated the shoot, and as a result my perspective on TV shows has changed completely. Even though we didn’t have to repeat scenes all that often, the process is very time consuming and takes a lot of concentration. I really felt for the cameramen in particular, whose job is even more physically demanding. Incredible how much work goes into such a production. Apart from the TV show, which is a huge deal for me, another dream came true this week. I held a 4 day workshop at AMD (the Academy for Fashion and Design). The course was called ‘Advanced Blogging’, and it was so much fun, to the point that it didn’t even feel like work at all. I felt completely natural in my role as lecturer, and could actually imagine doing this on a frequent basis. Who knows what the future holds. There was only one aspect of teaching that I really struggled with: leaving my students after the 4 days we worked together.
But even at this extreme pace, I am enjoying my projects at least as much as I am looking forward to the break afterwards. I’ll be able to take it a bit slower in about a week and a half. Up until then I’ll have to make do with little sleep and on full steam to keep the blog and all the projects going.

Projektwoche AMD | Masha Sedgwick | Workshop: Bloggen für Fortgeschrittene | Students | Berlin Akademie für Mode & Design

New in:
I didn’t have much time for shopping in the past couple of weeks, which is why there haven’t been any news in the clothing department. But that has changed. I got this cool jacket: blazer in the front, blouse in the back. And then there’s my first Gucci bag! True story! I own a Gucci bag now. The purchase wasn’t so much inspired by the brand itself, it was more that I really wanted a belt bag made of velvet. Since the other brands seem a bit hesitant to jump on the belt pouch bandwagon, I went for Gucci. Plus: a new shirt by Saint Laurent (band shirt style) and new shoes with leopard pattern and a large heart. I’m in love!
But that’s not all: I also got something from the Richard Quinn x H&M collection. I must say, H&M has a lot of lovely items on offer right now, like for example this coat here.

Junge Überflieger by Jonathan Sierck

Reading Tip:
Junge Überflieger (‘Young Hotshots’) by Jonathan Sierck
When Jonathan asked me a couple of months ago whether he could interview me for his book I was totally up for it without thinking twice. The premise was that the author wanted to write a book about people under 35 and their paths to success.
What made them successful?
And how do they define success?
What is important for them?

Jonathan is even younger than I am, and had to battle the stigma of his age for quite some time in his profession, which makes the book even more authentic and likable. Apart from an interview with Yours Truly, the book also features exciting (and often entertaining and very informative) chats with Westwing founder Chris Tall, Kontra K and my friend, photographer Gloria Grönemeyer. Definitely a great read for all members of generation Y and those who like to understand this generation better.

Street Style | brands: Saint Laurent, Navyboot, Closed Jeans | Berlin | Fashion Blogger | fashion style: edgy, cool, band shirt, dark

This article is already a bit older, but it still holds true. It’s about the complicated relationship between money and happiness, and the contentious question whether being rich makes you happy. A great read, and very relevant to my post from this week.

shirt: Saint Laurent
jeans: Closed
shoes: Navyboot
jacket: Baum & Pferdgarten

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  1. So exciting about your interview in Jonathan’s text; it looks like something I’d love to read. Also, if you do plan to continue to do workshops, I’d so love to be a part of that!

    Natalie | Natalie’s Alchemy


  2. Leider weiß ich genau, was du mit der schnellen Vorwärts-Taste meinst..bei mir könnte es auch gerne endlich mal etwas spießiger und langweiliger zugehen.
    Ich bin sehr auf das Ergebnis der Videodreharbeiten gespannt!!!!!!!! <3


  3. I’m in full speed mode atm too, and I am starting to freak out what will happen to me once I slow down…

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