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I‘ve been to Vienna a few times in the past, and have also had the chance to visit the Austrian countryside, but I can’t say that Austria was really on my radar all that much – it just hadn’t really sunk in how beautiful this country is! Wow! The beautiful buildings and alleys, the mountains, the landscapes – the whole thing is simply amazing. Some locations look like lifted straight out of a children’s book about alpine meadows, other places look like film-sets for a movie set in the 20s. I am officially enchanted!
There was only one fly in the ointment: my physical conditions. No wonder! After months of powering through, I have to face the simple fact that I’m thoroughly exhausted. Every cell of my body is rebelling. I have spent all my energy. I really, really need a break.
The signals my body sends me are unambiguous: headaches, joint aches, fatigue, an aching back, bad skin, a running nose, and more recently stomach aches, nausea, and the onset of a bladder infection. Does my body want to show you that enough is enough? That one time I did exercise, my body reacted with aching muscles for a full 5 (!) days. Normally I try not to complain when I’m ill, but it’s really been a long time since I felt so bad physically. I just need a bit of peace and quiet now.

The contrast couldn’t be bigger to how I feel on the inside. As far as my private life is concerned, I couldn’t be happier. I am reunited with the man of my dreams after a week of separation. Yes, I’m in love! So much! I can’t stop grinning, and everyone’s noticing and asking me what’s going on with me. Theresa is rolling her eyes at me when I smile at my phone, look up and ask her: ‘Do you know what he just wrote meeee?’, or ‘OMG I have to read you this text he just sent!’. I have no idea how she put up with me in this state for a whole week. You held up really well Theresa!
I’m not sure yet whether I’ll write a dedicated post about it all, maybe I will, with a bit of context as well, but right now I just can’t keep the news to myself. The changes are just too big and momentous, and I’m too hormonally charged to keep it a secret. Plus, I shot so much content yesterday that I haven’t even digested yet – so get ready for a whole bunch of blog posts once I get a little more time to sit down and actually write them. We shot some incredible photo series, I can’t wait to share them with you! And then I’m also starting to really look forward to the Christmas and New Year’s content it’s going to be particularly festive this year.

This thing we are doing here, you, me.
I’m in.
I’m all in.

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Masha Sedgwick | Wäsche | Calida | neuer Freund | Dating Update | David

Masha Sedgwick | Wäsche | Calida | neuer Freund | Dating Update | David

I get a lost of comments these days that I lost ‘too much’ weight, and that apparently my face looks emaciated. What a lame sentence. It really ticks me off.
When I gain a few kilos everyone goes on about how good the little extra weight looks just to avoid offending you, but as soon as you lose a little bit of weight they put you straight in the ‘haggard’ category. In my opinion, I am a long way from looking emaciated. I mean, it’s not much of a surprise that my body is changing a little after such a stressful period and almost a year of BGG, is it? Stress and diet to one side, I feel really good right now (ok, maybe not this exact moment, but generally speaking). If I wouldn’t feel good in my skin I would never have been able to pull through the past couple of months the way I did. Luckily I also get quite a lot of positive feedback for my figure. I guess in the end all that counts is that I feel good. That’s the main thing, really.

Dating Update:
Well, what can I say? It’s rather unexpected, but I guess I have to close this little column. Looks like there will be no more dating – at least not with different men. I have found the man of my dreams (he’s snoozing next to me, as I write these lines). I am head over heels in love. I erased Tinder from my phone, even though it had its merits. I have found my match made in heaven. I’m kind of still looking for the catch, but so far there just isn’t one.
This week without him showed me once again how much I like this man, and how I want to hold on to wat we have even when we’re apart. I can’t wait to build memories with him, to make the gentle transition into a shared daily life. I am happy. And so is he. Right now, no obstacle seems too big for us.

Masha Sedgwick | Wäsche | Calida | neuer Freund | Dating Update | David

Masha Sedgwick | Wäsche | Calida | neuer Freund | Dating Update | David

Christmas market season has started! I love them so much! I’ve always been a huge fan of going to a Christmas market, wrapped in warm clothes, sipping mulled wine I had my first mulled wine in Salzburg by the way! The Christmas market there is out of this world, with lots of regional food that I had never tried before: savory donuts with Sauerkraut (sounds weird but tastes incredible), fried apple slices and other crazy but incredibly tasty specialties. One way or another, I am looking forward to the Christmas market in Berlin now, the mulled wine, the crepes, the roasted almonds, and those tasty champignons. Yesssss, Christmas season can start!

Talking about Austria: I just discovered the group HVOB. Relaxed beats with a slight sense of melancholy – exactly what I like in a cool background atmosphere.

This post is also available in RU DE

December 3, 2017

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  1. Being very very slim I live in the ‘omg eat a sandwich land’. It is insane how many people believe it is socially acceptable for them to comment on someone’s weight as long as it is in low of the spectrum. My only reaction to that is: screw them. Anyone who lives vicariously through criticising other people is not worth our attention.

  2. I hope that you’re out of that stressed period, and no matter what people are going to say something, positive or negative. So, I totally agree with you that as long as we feel good about ourselves, it doesn’t matter what people say.Glad that you’ve found the man of your dreams! x

    Natalie | http://nataliesalchemy.wordpress.com