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This week passed without much earth-shaking news, apart maybe from the #TrueBerlin party, which left me with a heavy headache the following day. All in all it was a quiet couple of days, which gave me time to digest Fashion Week, and to post some write-ups about the event on my blog. At the same time I am busy preparing future projects, much like someone who tries to work off a bunch of items on the to-do list prior to going on holiday. I am hoping to sort out everything I have postponed for too long until the end of the month (well, at least most of it). It’s an ambitious goal!
I took my time with some posts and ideas, but next week I’ll finally share the remaining posts from my Taiwan trip to wrap it all up in style. I have also started writing my monthly favorite post, and will also have a new installment from my blogger business series for you. I am going to tackle a subject that I am often asked about but which I always felt a bit too complicated and dry to write about on my blog. Can you guess what it will be?

The body benefits from movement and the soul benefits from stillness.

In other news:
Since this week I am officially no longer blonde! I did it, I had my remaining blond hair-tips cut off and am now rocking my natural color. I didn’t really have the chance to really experience myself with the new look just yet, but so far I can say that the difference feels like night and day. My hair has never felt so good, soft and full. I had to cut quite some length and am currently resorting to extensions until I have a decent length to work with again, but it’s completely worth it.
It has been a bit more than a year now since I resolved to let my hair grow out, and there were phases during which it looked pretty uneven with the noticeable color difference. But yeah, I ‘m glad I stuck it out. Can’t wait to see how my hair is going to recover in the months ahead, how it will develop into a proud mane. Would you be interested in a more detailed post about the subject?

‘Mandatory labelling of sponsored content is an important issue which unfortunately is all too often flouted by our modern influencers. Many athletes and actors disregard the subject as well, and have done so for many years all around the world.
Some get paid to wear certain clothes on the red carpets of the world without being transparent about it. I can’t watch any show on Netflix or Amazon without the feeling creeping up on me at some point that the whole show is designed around product advertisement. In some cases less obvious, in other blatant. Sure, there may be a line in the end credits pointing out who supported the movie or series, but it comes at a time where viewers are usually somewhere else with their attention.
Mandatory labelling should actually be mandatory as much as possible, around the world, and for all players.’

FINALLY a good article outlining the issues and challenges in influencer marketing! It is obvious that the young author of the text understood the issue at hand, and he outlines in four stringent points what’s being done wrong in influencer marketing. I highly recommend this article, especially to the more stubborn marketing colleagues. Unfortunately it’s only available in German!

Top: Ba&sh
Jeans: Closed
Tasche: Jimmy Choo
Brille: MCM

It’s crazy. It has been years (!) since I have been at home this long, continuously, as in the past 2 months. It was a conscious decision on my part, not least because I have learned to respect my own boundaries and limits. After my nervous breakdown last year, which I haven’t really talked about much on my blog, I decided to plan my life differently, and to avoid cramming my agenda the way I used to. Another change was that decided to reduce my posting frequency and stopped posting on a daily basis. I also discontinued the Sunday posts. Do you still miss them?
Due to these changes I am under much less pressure to deliver every single day, which also gives me the energy and headspace to get each and every single post right. I basically redistributed the pressure and rethought my priorities. All in all I am glad I made these changes. Quality first!
Having said that, once winter came around, my resolutions pretty much went out the window, and I found myself with the same schedule as before. So I had to make another effort in spring to declutter my agenda. Once again, the time just seemed right. And now here I am, already gearing up for a dense couple of months again, starting with August with lots of back to back projects. I have a bunch of exciting things lined up, and will travel around the globe – a lot. My life will lose its steady rhythm again, the pulse will speed up, and I hope I will be able to enter this busy period without anything left on my current to-do list. I hope to take on the next round of adventures free and unburdened with past projects and open tasks.

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July 16, 2017
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