3 Styling-Tips for the next business-meeting


Job interviews and important business meetings can certainly cause a certain nervousness. You go in with the hope that you’re as well prepared as possible, and you run through all possible and impossible scenarios in your mind, imagining how you can come out confidently on top in each of them. The closer the moment gets, the more nervous, overwhelmed and even unwell you become, and that’s just natural.

This inner turmoil can become quite uncomfortable, and for that reason it makes sense to focus on the aspects in your preparation that you can 1. control and that 2. help you to keep your nerves at bay. Only if you feel well in your skin, only if you radiate authenticity and confidence, will you be able to convince others of your qualities. When choosing an outfit for such an important occasion, it helps to ask yourself the following question:

“How can I show my character through my look, how can I feel 100% myself without breaking the business dress-code?”

Depending on industry, there are different sets of do’s and dont’s regarding dress-code. That said, there are a number of interdisciplinary guidelines, especially when it comes to interviews. An awareness of those guidelines can help you to meet the requirements of the business world from a point of personal comfort. It can be an interesting thought experiment to ask yourself:

It can be an interesting thought experiment to ask yourself: how would a person be dressed that I would consider more competent than others just based on their looks? In other words, it can be helpful to adopt the perspective of the person you are meeting, to see yourself through their eyes. If this approach does not work for you, hopefully you’ll take something away from the following three tips for your personal girl-boss look, which should help you to be more at ease at the next interview or meeting: 


Go oversize!

Serious business looks are still in demand and often a crucial requirement, but the 21st Century Power Woman can confidently venture beyond pencil skirts and tightly fitted blouses. If you’re generally open to classics like black trousers and blazer, but can’t identify with this most conventional look of all, why don’t you try out more easy-going, wider cuts?

Blouses in oversize, blazers with square shoulders, trousers and skirts that you may even wear in every-day situations – none of these are taboo anymore. Wuite on the contrary!

I’d go so far as to say that this kind of power dressing is considerably more contemporary than the overly conservative option. It certainly has more character. Moreover, it affords you way more freedom in your personal styling, which helps to find that sweet spot of confidence. With all that in mind, the clothes you wear should be of a really high quality. A well-trained eye will see the difference between high quality materials and cheap fibers at a glance. Especially when you go oversized, the extra amount of fabric will betray cheap looking creases all the more readily. 



You should also never underestimate the importance of the right choice of shoes. If you’re one to reach for ankle boots or pumps, by all means go ahead. If you feel less comfortable in those kinds of shoes, feel free to break conventions.

Just like pencil skirts, black pumps or ankle boots are no longer a crucial requirement in a fashionable, contemporary business look. If you work in a field in which the dress-code is less strict, a pair of white sneakers in combination with black trousers can work wonders! Bear in mind, though, that the sneakers need to be impeccably clean – they shouldn’t look like you just wore them in a muddy festival pit. 

Show personality with accessories

If you enjoy wearing extravagant earrings, bracelets, necklaces or even piercings, you shouldn’t have to hide those in this day and age – not even for job interviews. Accessories can often hint at the personality of those who wear them – which means the can be a great, playful way to convey character. 

Sometimes there is no better way to stand out pleasantly from the monochrome competition than by utilizing accessories in a tasteful way. Accessories show personal style, and may also hint at the financial situation of those who wear them. There is a reason, for example, why watches are status symbols. Last but not least, if you wear accessories in everyday life, you’ll feel more comfortably yourself if you integrate them into your business look. And comfortable authenticity is the idea, isn’t it?


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May 2, 2019

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