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As I write these lines, I feel a heavy load falling off my chest. I (almost) made it through. He last couple of weeks were tough, the toughest I had in a long time. But now, as I’m sipping my coke, sitting on a rooftop in Lisbon as the sun goes down in front of me, all I feel is relief. I experienced so much in such a short time, gathered so many impressions, taught a cool course, shot a TV show and even managed to write some nice posts for my blog. I gave it my all, faced every new challenge head on – and I don’t regret it one bit.

Hello from Lissabon!

Praça Marquês de Pombal | Lisbon | Street Style | Fashion Blogger | Summer

I learned a lot about myself in the past couple of weeks, saw new sides of me I didn’t knew existed. I learned that I am strong even if I am on my own – if need be I can be strong for two. But most of all I learned that I’m not a flag in the wind – I am a tree that stands strong even when other trees are uprooted around me. I didn’t use to be a particularly optimistic person, nor did I have a lot of energy. But somehow that has changed, without me realizing it. I have a life that I want to live and enjoy to the fullest. At some point I decided to be happy.
Not sure when I last felt like this, but right now I am proud of myself. It takes quite a lot for me to be genuinely proud of myself, no matter how many reasons there may seem to be. It’s just not necessarily in my nature, and that’s probably not a bad thing either. But right now, at this moment, in this place, I am.
Not everything is running smoothly, of course, in fact the road is still quite bumpy and progress is sometimes rather catastrophically slow, but for the first time in ages I am not afraid. I believe that everything will work out great.
PS: Lisbon is incredible!!!

I am capable of being weak in moments of strength, and to be strong in moments of weakness. I learned that vulnerability is not a weakness of mine, it’s one of my strengths.

Lisbon, 2017

There’s this dessert here in Lisbon, called Pastel de Nata.
It just kills me. I could live on these tasty little buns. I really can’t think of anything else right now. These little fuckers are addictive. They are just too awesome. And that after I was so happy to have reduced my intake of desserts and sweets for quite some time. I was planning to stay strong, but Lisbon – or rather these Pasteles de Nata – broke my will.
I love and hate you.

dress: Zara
overknees: H&M x Richard Quinn

What the hell is going on in Germany? I only heard it through friends and the news, how a stupid storm took apart my beloved hometown. As if rainstorms in summer wouldn’t be bad enough. This entire year was a really terrible one for Berlin in terms of climate. I can only hope that it will all quiet down until next week, and that I’ll get to enjoy a bit of beautiful autumn weather in my favorite city, before traveling on again. To be honest, beautiful as it is here, I cannot wait to swap this incredible Lisbon view for my couch, two cats and a cup of hot chocolate with tons of cream (which is crucial). Home sweet home, I cannot wait to come back!

I really want to go on a road trip to Scotland this autumn. Does anyone of you have any recommendations for me? Anything I NEED to see? Maybe you have even stayed at a castle hotel that you could recommend? I’m looking to pack as much as I can into the trip, and want to return with tons and tons of pictures :)

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October 9, 2017
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  1. Sehr geehrte Mascha,
    Ich habe deinen Beitrag gelesen. Wirklich, es ist einer der besten Posts, die ich je gelesen habe. Auch ich liebe dein Bild. Nettes Klicken und perfekter Bildwinkel.

  2. Dear Masha, I simply love your texts and great to hear you’re so happy and not afraid for the first time in ages. I believe that good things will happen to those who are brave. :)

    By the way, love your style too of course! :)

    Stephie from https://stephieey.com/

  3. Congratulations on making it through all of that! You should be very proud of yourself. Instead of appreciating Lisbon, I’d probably be curled up on my carpet and crying :)
    I’ve only been to Edinburgh when it comes to Scotland, but I loved loved loved it there! In the crazy autumnal weather it is probably a safer bet than wilderness though.

    1. Hi dear,

      thank you so much. Actually I felt so good in Lisbon, but now, back in Germany curling up on my carpet is exactly what I want to do… :(


  4. Omg, ich kann es kaum erwarten, in Portugal zu sein! Lissabon ist schon für April gebucht und obwohl ich die Zeit genieße, will ich einfach schon, dass es so weit ist! Die Photos sehen echt wunderschön aus.
    Liebe Grüße,

  5. I know those little f@@ as well, I even tried to bake them at home once but refrained myself from learning the recipe last minute. I am proud of you too Masha, when I see you smile in your Stories I smile too. GalMeetsGlam is in Scotland at the moment and it looks absolutely breathtaking. I think she is staying at a castle hotel as well so tune in with her Instagram.
    Love from https://tbymallano.com/

  6. you should be proud, look where you are now…and u did it all alone!!!
    i have been to scotland… it is amazing, i don’t have many tips, cause i have been only for three days, but i remember the positive feeling.
    of course the lake of lochness, it will be so odd, the water is BLACK!!!!!!! you will shiver!
    I was staying at the mac donald hotel IN edimburgh, like IN the old town! iT IS NOT A CASTLE, but the prices were super good and the food…..OMG i could wait to have breakfast every morning, and my room was so big that i could play soccer inside.


  7. Hey Masha,

    It is nice to see you are filled with positivity – gives me hope as I am more like the self you described as having no energy or optimism right now!

    There are rather alot of things to see in Scotland particularly if you are road tripping! The below might be useful as a start. Also the Harry Potter train is at the Glenfinnan viaduct which can be nice if you manage to catch it.








    1. I’m the biggest Harry Potter fan ever!!! So I really want to go on the Hogwarts Train SO BADLY!!

      And THANK YOU so much for the links! That’s amazing!!! <3