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Hello from Scotland!
Seriously Guys: I LOVE this place.
Scotland stole my heart!
We’ve been on the road for 8 days now, and every day packs new surprises that leave us amazed and in wonder. The land is so incredibly beautiful here, and whenever we seem to have found the pinnacle of beauty we find the next stretch of land to top it just around the bend. We’re cruising through the country with mouths agape, our conversations consist in large part of acclamations like ‘Wow this is incredible’ and ‘OMG how beautiful is this!’
We are actually at a loss for words to describe how wonderful this country is. I hope you don’t mind too much that it was a little quiet on the blog this week, and I hope you felt more than compensated for the lack of blog posts by my funny and beautiful Instagram pics and stories. Just wait until I share my Scotland content with you! I’m really desperate to upload the pics, they turned out so incredible. In my head I already have a clear idea what the posts will look like – I’m pretty sure the posts will be among the best you’ve ever seen on this hunble blog. I’m really not exaggerating, the landscapes here are just unreal.

But the trip would only be half as beautiful if I wasn’t sharing it with Theresa. Fascinating how quickly we became friends. We only met last year, but there are few people out there I can laugh with as much and as hard as with her. Being here with her makes this road trip truly magical, a genuine highlight. We are a perfect team, a fantastic match.

sweater: &otherstories
shoes: AGL
jacket: Rabens Saloner
photos: Theresa Kaindl


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The project:
It’s out! Some of you already saw the teaser and wrote me straight away. Now that Pro 7 has officially announced the show, I can finally tell you what it’s all about. Basically, I stepped in the shoes of a photographer! Usually I’m the one in front of the camera, but for this project I changed my role. The German edition of Instyle sent me out on a quest to take ‘the perfect shot’. And if that wouldn’t have been enough pressure already, I am pitted against another photographer, and have only 3 days to scout for a location, to find a model and to do the shooting. And because that apparently still was not enough of a challenge, I had a camera team trailing me and documenting the process practically 24/7. Yes, it was crazy and exciting. I couldn’t be happier with the result, and I’m just SO proud!!!
Maybe unlike what you’d expect from such a show, the whole thing is a really authentic affair. There were only few scenes that we had to repeat. We all put our hearts into it, and I’m excited like I have not been in a long time – can’t wait for all of us to see it. I feel a bit like a teenager about to meet her crush for the first date. My emotions are overflowing, I am extremely curious myself – I have not seen a single scene myself. Like everyone else, I will see the result on the evening of November 9.
It was SO much fun, and I wish so bad for a second season. Please, dear readers, tell your friends, your granny, everyone to switch on and to watch it! And please make sure to let me know how you liked it! I am EXTREMELY curious to hear your feedback and your comments!!

I have to admit I wasn’t super focused in this episode of our podcast, I just couldn’t keep a straight face this week. Lisa, on the other hand, was unusually serious. We’Re talking about my first Tinder match, and Lisa tells us about her blogger vision. So it’s quite a reversal of roles this week!
PS: We’re also talking about cosmetic surgery and how we feel about it…

I fell off my chair with laughter when I read this article! It’s definitely a bit mean, but if you take it too seriously you can’t be helped! Maybe the journalist should attend the course I will (hopefully) offer in the future ;)

Not the whole trip went quite as planned and hoped. A 15 kg box, stuffed with designer clothes, didn’t make it over the border. After waiting in vain we got the info that the package didn’t make it past customs, and that it had been sent back. The thing is those clothes were basically half the looks I was planning to shoot here. I was SO annoyed, I can’t tell you!!! Well, we made the best of the situation and reused every piece we did have multiple times :)

This post is also available in RUDE

November 5, 2017
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  1. The perfect Shot war eine super Sendung! Ich hätte gern alles noch etwas ausführlicher gesehen. Ich hoffe es werden noch ganz viele weitere Folgen produziert.

  2. My boyfriend’s laptop charger broke and it is one of these super specific, you cannot buy it at shop anywhere deals – he has been waiting for it to fly over from the USA for 3 weeks now… 2.5 weeks in customs! At this rate it may make it to our flat by summer :)