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Berlin is dressed in beautiful shades of autumn right now, but we all know what’s really in store for us. Berlin is famous for it’s wet and cold autumn and winter seasons. I know few other places that undergo such drastic changes from season to season. In autumn and winter, life moves from the streets and parks to enclosed spaces, and Berlin is no less amazing inside. Even though it’s not always apparent from the building fronts, many Berlin interiors are genuinely impressive.

in Cooperation with Smart

So, the city boast amazing – and sometimes far-off – locations, which are waiting to be discovered. How best to do that? Exactly! By car! In my case, I’m glad to have the smart fortwo cabrio convertible as companion in such situations. Like a good friend thatg gets me from a to B safely. And the best thing, of course: I always find a parking space. That’s a huge plus, especially on the plentiful cold days, when we tend to trade our bikes and skateboards for cars again. So much more comfortable when the weather’s nasty. In a nutshell, the smart is the perfect city car. While everyone is making their rounds looking for parking spaces, I squeeze into the smallest space, taking full advantage of the tiny turning radius of this great little car. Another big point is the low fuel consumption: t: 4.2 l/100 km, combined CO2-emissions: 97 g/km.

But the smart is not only my little favorite because it’s so undeniably practical. It’s also a mega-stylish car, and whenever I get it’s a bit like coming home for me – the interior just combines stylishness with comfort extremely well. And if you think a smart doesn’t offer much space, think again. The interior is spacious enough to feel comfortable, even if you end up stuck in a traffic for a while. Getin, turn on the heater, get comfy, and off you go. But….where to?

Glad you asked! I have 5 tips and ideas for you:



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Exhibition Time
Berlin is a city with an abundance of galleries and museums! Modern art, photography, real classics or more experimental work, whether you’re a gamer or part of the fashion crowd – there is art for everyone in this town! If fashion is your thing, I can highly recommend the Kunstgewerbemuseum (museum of applied arts), which shows original and highly influential clothes designs from bygone decades and centuries, from baroque dresses to more modern pieces. Definitely worth a visit! One of my favorite museums is the Berlinische Galerie, amazing for many reasons including that the curators combine international with regional art, which also gives you the opportunity to learn a lot about Berlin as a city!
P.S.: This one’s also a perfect shooting location ;)

Exit Room
I have a secret passion:
If you are already familiar with exit games, you will LOVE the offline version! The basic idea is that you are challenged to escape from a room by means of solving riddles and puzzles! Sounds much easier now than it is – some of these riddles are really tough to crack. There are several venues for exit games in Berlin by now, of which I have tried several. My favorite so far is this one here, close to Alex, with themes that relate to Berlin! Ideally you try it in group – trust me, it’s the ultimate test of a friendship or relationship. If you make it out within the specified time, you win!

When it comes to indoor sports, I really got into bouldering. Basically, we’re talking about climbing halls, however in this case without strings and belts and all that stuff. You climb up and along rock faces, there are set routes, and if you fall, you land softly. It reminds me a little of PE classes in school, falling onto these soft mattresses. The whole thing is great fun, and of course also a challenge both for beginners as well as more experienced climbers. There’s always a more challenging route to tackle. So, whether you love challenges, whether you simply feel like doing some fun exercise without spending too much, or whether you feel like you want to do something nice for your back and torso, pay a visit to a boulder hall. The most famous (well beyond the city limts of Berlin) is Berta’s Block in Pankow. It’s one of the largest halls in Europe, with proper pro routes, which is why the venue is also frequented by lots of experienced climbers.

Arthouse Cinema
Blockbuster cinemas are everywhere, that’s nothing you’d need to come to Berlin for. Every slightly larger city has 3D cinemas these days. So, how about a small artsy movie theater, one that shows films by up-and-coming directors and indie productions? There are plenty of art house cinemas in Berlin, among them the Lichtblick kino (probably the tiniest one in town, with only 32 seats!), right in the heart of the city, in Prenzlauerberg. I can also warmly recommend the Babylon (silent movies), as well as the Sputnik and the Odeon. Come to think of it, pretty much every Kiez (district) in Berlin has its own arthouse cinema. Let’s make sure it stays that way :)

Botanical Garden
Everything’s grey outside, and you still fell like a trip into the green? In that case the botanical garden may be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s surprisingly little known, but Berlin Dahlem is home to one of the most impressive botanical gardens in the world. It was built more than 100 years ago, and for me it’s one of the most beautiful buildings (of you can call it that) of Berlin. The impressive glass steel architecture is a sight to behold in its own right. And I can attest from personal experience that a visit to this place feels like a short vacation.

Gute Neuigkeiten! Ihr könnt einen smart fortwo für ein Wochenende gewinnen!
Vorraussetzung wäre ein Wohnsitz in Berlin und eine gültige Fahrerlaubnis.

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This post is also available in RUDE

October 24, 2017
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