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– for fashion and art buffs like myself it’s a dream come true. In the tight, obscure streets, in between high buildings with their cast iron architecture you feel like transported back in time, to an era when this area was a colorful hub of artists.
Visually, a lot of clichés are confirmed. Who hasn’t seen images of high brick buildings with stucco decorations and cast iron fire escapes? Yep – THAT is SoHo. By the way, the name is an acronym for South of Houston Street, and the area is well known for great restaurants, cafés and shops. That alone makes it one of my ABSOLUTE favorites.

The artists, unfortunately, have moved on. What always happens, also happened here: gentrification. Living space is no longer affordable, which is also due to the fact that so many well known brands have set up camp here, which resulted in skyrocketing rents.
But there are also upsides to the development: in terms of shopping experience, SoHo is second to none, worldwide. You find everything from high end labels like Chanel and Burberry to local newcomers, something for all budgets. The epicenter of the shopping madness is located to the left and right of Spring Street. I could list at least 25 shops on this stretch alone that I’d consider vital to visit.
Moreover, SoHo is flanked to all sides by districts that are also worth a visit. Chinatown, Little Italy, TriBeCa, Greenwich Village, Lower Eastside – all names that lovers of New York will be familiar with.

And since I love SoHo so much, I shot part of the new Vero Moda Kollektion in SoHo. The collection is as multi-facetted as the district, so it was a perfect match, not only in terms of individual pieces, but also because of the new, sustainable line AWARE. The brand uses sustainably sourced materials, which you really feel. And the term sustainable also applies to SoHo: most houses are under historic preservation, which means that even if one shop makes way for another, the architecture remains unchanged. It is really symbolic for New York, after all. A classic style.
By the way, did you notice? There’s one classic I wouldn’t have wanted to miss for each of the looks: the black blazer. Like the SoHo architecture, it is a timeless piece, untouched by trends, and it works in casual, edgy and sexy – attributes that also describe SoHo quite well.

The whole district breathes history and culture, and sums up the essence of New York – and with it the idea of new luxury. Don’t we all love a good symbiosis of culture and luxury? Exactly.
For all of you who feel like visiting SoHo now, I have compiled 9 tipsfor the perfect experience in town:


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Blue Ribbon Brasserie
Blue Ribbon Brasserie in Sullivan Street has been a real institution in SoHo for ages. Locals hang out here late in the evenings, to end the day with burgers and beer or lamb and red wine. The opening hours are perfect for that: the kitchen is open from 4pm to 4am.

Film Forum
Some of you may think now ‘I can go to the movies at home as well’. Probably, but not in a movie theater like this one. Film Forum is a non profit cinema, which focuses on artistically valuable program. In addition, the theater hosts frequent discussions about the art of film making, which often include renowned directors and producers. If you’re up for experiencing the art of film in an intimate setting, this is the place for you.

Artists Space

Unfortunately, Artists Space had to move to TriBeCa, but it has actually been a part of SoHo since the 70s. The non-profit studio gives young artists the space and opportunity to freely realize their artistic ambitions. The space is like a central hub for the New York downtown art scene. I recommend a stroll from SoHo to Artists Space -there’s no better way to get a feel of the area!

Opening Ceremony

I liked this one a lot, and not only because it was right next to my hotel. Opening Ceremony is one of the hippest stores in town – and deservedly so. Here you find the latest and most talked-about brands, apart from (obviously) Opening Ceremony also cult brands like Kenzo, Gosha Rubchinsky and Vivienne Tem.

Butcher’s Daughter
Definitely my favorite restaurant in SoHo. This must be one of the most comfortable venues I’ve ever been to, and they make a mean vegan burger! Whether you’re there for a green smoothie or a healthy snack – you came to the right place! Plus, the staff is incredibly friendly.

11 Howard
Another huge recommendation for all those of you who’d like to pamper themselves in SoHo for a few days. I have already written about this place in an earlier place – the 11 Howard is one of the reasons why my last stay in NY was so fantastic. Let me sum it up for you: this hotel is simply awesome!


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Jack’s Wife Freda
Another favorite bistro of mine was Jack’s Wife on Lafayette Street. The kitchen serves super tasty food all day, vegan and non-vegan. And in the evenings the bartenders mix delicious cocktails. Perfect to get you in the mood for one of the close-by clubs in the area!

Canal Street MarketIf you’re still hungry, head to Canal Street Market. The location itself is already worth the visit: the market is on the ground floor of an old industrial building, which kind of sets the theme (vintage chic). Here, you’ll find food stalls from all over the world, including all kinds of cutting edge food trends. But that’s not all – there are also tons of shopping stalls offering nice souvenirs, artisanal objects and all kinds of paraphernalia from cool indie labels.



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Mercer Kitchen
If you’re looking for something a bit more classy, this is your place. You’re guaranteed to enjoy your dinnerin the stylish ambience with dark wood, dimmed light and open brick walls. My recommendation is the famous burger!! The large mirrors hanging above the leather benches reveal who else is present – often enough you’ll find yourself in the company of a silver screen celebrity.


This post is also available in RUDE

September 29, 2017
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  1. It is such a shame that the life of any artsy district seems to follow that very pattern: place is cheap -> broke artists move in -> place becomes cool -> place is super expensive -> broke artists need to move out.
    Circle of life, huh?

  2. Wow, super Beitrag liebe Masha, echt toll gestaltet! Ich mag diese Posts total gerne, obwohl ich nach NY erst irgendwann nächstes Jahr oder vielleicht noch später fliegen werde, kann ich schon Mal schwärmen… Auf jeden Fall bin ich mir sicher, dass Soho zu meinen Lieblings Vierteln dort gehören wird! Auch Butcher´s Daughter und Jack´s Wife Freda kenne ich von Instagram.
    Liebe Grüße,