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.CO Berlin Amerika Haus | Charlottenburg | Indoor Shooting | Editorial | Outfit: Closed | Masha Sedgwick with Boyfriend David Jacob

Happiness is the new rich.
Inner peace is the new success.
Health is the new wealth.
Kindness is the new cool.

Friends, SPRING has finally arrived!
How wonderful is that? The first trees in Berlin are blossoming, and the there’s an infectious happy-go-lucky vibe spreading across town. I am dancing on clouds. At long last, it is warm outside, and I enjoy every ray of sunshine I catch. Crazy how a little bit of spring changes the mood, not just for myself, for the whole city it seems.
It’s really true, you know, every single year when spring begins I fall in love with Berlin all over again. I am just plain grateful to live in this wonderful city. Right now I’m actually taking that love with me, as I am already on my way to Bangkok when you read these lines!

Another happy place in my life, one that I somehow return to every year. It’s the third time I am going, and my first big trip this year – a nice tradition! Thailand is an amazing country: the food, the people, the colors, I LOVE it! First I’ll spend a few days with Theresa, and then my boyfriend will join, so I’ll get the chance to show them both my favorite places and discover new ones together with them. Not much longer and I’ll finally be ble to eat Pad Thai from street stalls and take colorful, sunny pictures.
Bangkok I AM COMING!

CO Berlin Amerika Haus | Charlottenburg | Indoor Shooting | Editorial | Outfit: Closed | Masha Sedgwick with Boyfriend David Jacob

I was at a birthday party on Saturday, and it was beautiful! I barely knew anyone, which I took as an opportunity to make new friends and to break out of my comfort zone. We drank to that, first with a Gin Tonic, then with another, and then with several rounds of shots. I was dead tired that day and told my boyfriend I’d definitely be home before midnight (LOL), but in the heat of the moment I felt a rush of energy and we all agreed that it’d be a great idea to check out another place. We ended up in a mini-club at a lesbian magazine party.
By that time I really started to feel that third Gin Tonic though. I was uncharacteristically drunk, to be more blunt, and felt I needed to go home pronto. The next day I had lost my voice, couldn’t stand daylight and just felt terrible in my skin. Pretty tragic considering that the sun shone outside, which I would have loved to be able to enjoy much more. I was still hungover the following day. I guess I have to face it, age is catching up with me. These days I need two days to recover from a proper party night out. Do I regret anything about the evening? No way. I had a great time. The only bad decision was the third Gin Tonic… two would have done the job.



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Thanks to a friend of mine, I am gradually turning into a regular at the Israeli restaurant Yafo. The food is delicious (huge amounts of humus, and tons of ingredients I never heard of before), so that’s one big reason to go, but on top of it the place has an amazing living room atmosphere and all-around good vibes. You feel that the staff enjoy working there, the whole setup is super authentic, and not too fancy. Later at night they turn up the music (Israeli pop, of course), and there’s a lot of drinking and dancing on the streets. In other word’s, this is not a regular restaurant, this place invites you to join a culinary (and cultural) adventure!

Irving Penn at C/O Berlin
The show is a retrospective of Penn’s work with lots of photographs but also newspapers and equipment that illustrate his evolution. It’s a relatively large show, which makes sense considering that Irving Penn’s professional life spanned more than 70 years, in which he built an enormous body of work, especially in the fields of portrait and fashion photography. The exhibition fills two floors, and it’s well worth a visit. This man has helped to shape the historyof photography. How many people can say that about themselves?

The State of the Nation (Die Lage der Nation)
I discovered this political podcast presented by a judge and a journalist, and I’m quite into it. On the one hand the subjects are discussed relatively superficially, despite the fact that episodes are relatively long, but you still learn a lot more than you would for example in television news shows. Moreover, the two presenters have very nice voices and it’s a pleasure listening to them present their content authentically and reasonably. If you are interested in politics and daily news (even if you aren’t, actually) give it a listen :)

I shot my first set of 7 Youtube videos in a studio, and will start sharing this month! I’m starting with makeup, hair and fashion tutorial, and I’m dying to hear your reactions. I have not seen the final edits myself, but the previews looked fantastic. Can’t wait to take over Youtube! Not an easy mission, I know, but I’m super motivated and really believe that there’s a space for me on that platform..

Yes, I was out shopping again, and it’s been a while. I got myself some great items, also in preparation for the trip to Thailand. I think I may have found some new all-time favorites, especially dresses. I’m so into dresses right now! By the way, I also bought new furniture by Bolia, Made and Ikea, which is arriving piece by piece these days…

CO Berlin Amerika Haus | Charlottenburg | Indoor Shooting | Editorial | Outfit: Closed | Masha Sedgwick with Boyfriend David Jacob

CO Berlin Amerika Haus | Charlottenburg | Indoor Shooting | Editorial | Outfit: Closed | Masha Sedgwick

Recently I’ve been thinking more and more about y role as influencer. The truth is, I am incredibly grateful to be a ‘genuine’ influencer, someone who has a real reach and the possibility to influence others positively. I know, ‘influencing’ is a tricky word, as it implies manipulation and hidden agendas. But I see myself in a role where I can provide positive stimuli and hopefully some food for though, too. Due to the nature of my job, and the many experiences I get to make, maybe also due to the fact that I am naturally curious and open I hope to ‘influence’ you not only by presenting products, but also by sharing what really moves and interests me. I am aware of the responsibility my reach brings with it, and I feel this conscious approach is often lacking among some of my colleagues with considerably wider reach than mine.
I have changed my perspective on quite a few things, and I am curious about a wide range of issues. Seeing these qualities reflected in my circle of friends makes me incredibly proud. I am in the lucky position to be surrounded by exciting, creative minds. I get to be part of a cultural circle that consists not only of fashion people but also of actors, musicians, politicians, scientists and artists – a real potpourri of creativity
The beauty of having friends like that is that there’s always an interesting discussion to be part of, and you get to hear so many different perspectives from informed people, which open up insights into issues that you may not even have had on your radar before. Such talks make me deeply happy. I am aware that I have an influencing effect not only on my followers but also on my friends, who in turn are influencers in their own rights. I have exchanges with journalists, discuss ideas with company founders, talk to musicians and artist and so on and so forth. This gives me an opportunity to leave my cultural and social footprints in this world, to be part of a culture movement that is unfolding in Berlin, here and now, and that consists of people who really want to move things in this world. To be able to perceive myself as part of that group, not only a bystander, is probably the biggest privilege of all in my profession.
And the communication really goes both ways. I listen to my followers, and am as influenced by their wishes and thoughts as I in turn influence others by sharing what moves me. It’s a wonderful circle, facilitated by the internet, and a way of open and broad exchange that was inconceivable back in the day when everything was dictated from those above you in the hirarchy. I am grateful to live in this day and age.

What a plot twist you were

This post is also available in RUDE

April 13, 2018
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