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The Fashion Week month is – finally, or unfortunately – over, and now’s the best time to get an overview of the trends that will shape the next season. There were no major surprises, instead it seems like some trends that we’ve already seen evolving for a while are developed even further.
Good news: many of the clothes we added to our wardrobe over the past year(s) will still make a lot of sense next year.

Masha Sedgwick | Fashion Week | SS17 | Paris| Review |Trends |Germany

The joys of layering!

What we love it in winter, will be a crucial element of our spring and summer styles next year: layering. We’ll be well equipped for the cool morning hours, and it’ll be easy to take of layers as the day progresses. When we meet our friends after work or spend a cool spring evening in the park, we’ll simply put it back on.

Masha Sedgwick | Fashion Week | SS17 | Paris| Review |Trends |Germany

The athletic trend remains on track!

Sneakers have become an indispensable element of fashion, they are everywhere. In a similar vein, we got used to wearing logo sweaters as part of our regular outfits. And the trend continues: keep walking in those sneakers, caps are still an awesome accessory (and perfect for bad hair), and jogging pants are still going to work as part of an every-day-chic outfit. Even Karl Lagerfeld has come around by now…

Masha Sedgwick | Fashion Week | SS17 | Paris| Review |Trends |Germany

Keep pulling in that belly!

This is another trend that we have already talked about, and it was a fixture in all four cities: the waist is emphasized more and more tightly. We saw belly-free crop-tops, for example, but also plenty of belts and trousers with high cuts, all emphasizing the belly area. Well, at least we’ll have the whole winter to work on our bikini-bodies for next year.

Masha Sedgwick | Fashion Week | SS17 | Paris| Review |Trends |Germany

Embrace your femininity!

The trend towards more femininity is in slight contrast with all the athletic elements we saw: transparent laces, printed organza-textiles, pink and rosé everywhere. Plus, underwear is often visible, either through transparent blouses or deep-cut dresses. We call it Lolita charm!

Masha Sedgwick | Fashion Week | SS17 | Paris| Review |Trends |Germany

Straighten your shoulders!

This is probably the only surprise for the new season. Shoulder pads are back, especially for blazers and jackets. We’ll see whether we actually end up liking that or whether the look will remind us too much of those terrible pics of our mothers in the 80s. Let’s see how we feel about it in spring…

Masha Sedgwick | Fashion Week | SS17 | Paris| Review |Trends |Germany

Masha Sedgwick | Fashion Week | SS17 | Paris| Review |Trends |Germany

The future is three-dimensional!

3D printers are the talk of town everywhere. You can print shoes, bags, even food with these devices. The trend is reflected in fashion materials as well. 3D-textiles will be a big thing in the near future, i.e. the next year. Brace yourselves for multi-layered materials with special tactile qualities and super interesting visual effects. While these materials are not made using 3d printers per se, they’re tightly reflect the technologic trend of the moment.

Masha Sedgwick | Fashion Week | SS17 | Paris| Review |Trends |Germany

Prints all over!

Masha Sedgwick | Fashion Week | SS17 | Paris| Review |Trends |Germany

As far as prints are concerned, the last couple of years were pretty subdued. This is going to change, we will see prints, prints, prints, everywhere. Cat-motives, pineapple-prints, plant designs. Prints will adorn everything, especially accessories. The more playful the better!

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October 21, 2016
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  1. Hallo Anna,

    Danke für die gute Übersicht. Leider stoße ich mich an einigen deiner Formulierungen. Zum Beispiel “viele Stücke unserer Garderobe können wir auch weiter anziehen”. Können wir doch selbst entscheiden, oder? Ich fühle mich so angesprochen, obwohl ich Fast Fashion hasse und Dinge sowieso mehrere Saisons trage. Vielleicht benutzt du in deinem nächsten Artikel eine andere Form, die weniger verallgemeinert.

    Liebe Grüße