“The true power is the power of the imagination.”
Viktor & Rolf

There are scents that suit every season.

Real classics won’t neither lose their charm nor their attraction, so you can enjoy it even after years. And isn’t that exactly what should characterize a fragrance? It means the fragrance will become your very own scent over some time? Your own signature? Your all-time Favorite?

Flowerbomb from Viktor & Rolf is exactly that kind of scent for me.

In cooperation with Viktor & Rolf
Photos: Theresa Kaindl
Location: Cameron House, Schottland

shirt: Dorothee Schumacher
knit: Closed
shoes: Jimmy Choo
fake fur: Mango

I have been wearing it regularly for years and not only does it fit perfectly to summer, it also gives flowery freshness and sensual lightness in the winter season.

What I also love about the scent: it´s feminine without being ‘girly’ – and that’s what I wanted to express with these pictures: they are a bit princess-like, without being cheesy. Somehow cool and sexy – and yet very feminine. This fine and narrow ridge makes the difference.


This post is also available in RUDE

The inspiration came – as one might expect from the designers Viktor and Rolf – from the couture.

Similar to a couture dress, it is extravagant and sensual, without looking cheesy. And indeed couture is an important aspect in the creation of the fragrance. And like a beautiful couture dress, the scent is timeless and at the same time very complex.

This fragrance is an explosion of emotions, a hand grenade for the woman whose content is a flower cocktail that has it all in it – that’s also reflected in the bottle, in case you ever wondered what the shape reminded you of. As explosive as a hand grenade and beautiful at the same time as a diamond. After all, love is stronger than all weapons.

top note: bergamot, tea
middle note: freesia, jasmine, orchid
base note: patchouli, rose

This post is also available in RUDE

December 4, 2017
Category - Anzeige, beauty

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