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A little while ago I decided to let my natural hair color grow out. Initially it wasnt actually a conscious decision, but the more my natural hair color came out, the more I started warming to the idea of letting it grow out further. At some point I’d like to wear my natural hair color before it all goes grey, I thought to myself. The biggest challenge is the change from blond to brown. How was I going to manage without looking like a dyeing experiment gone wrong?
Basically, I realized pretty quickly that I’d have to say goodbye to my damaged, blonde hair-tips.
But what would that mean?

If I was to cut everything that felt unhealthy, I’d have to accept the idea of rocking a proper short cut for a while. I’m just not ready for that yet. I need another solution. One that allows me to keep my hair long enough for a proper hairdo.
I found my solution in Goldwell Kerasilk Control De-Frizz Service.
It’s basically a pure care treatment that rebuilds and smoothens the hairtips with the natural hair component keratin. The active ingredient seals the tips and makes your hair feel smooth again. Plus, the entire hair is freed of frizz.


But how does this miracle actually happen?

You can imagine it something like this: if the hair structure is too rough, it means the hair is missing some crucial components. Structurally it’s like a cheese with holes. Goldwell’S powerful KeraShape-technology fills these holes from the inside and subsequently seals them. In the process, rough surfaces are smoothened out, while the hair retains its natural shape and volume.
Some of you may remember a similar treatment that I introduced a couple of years ago on this blog. Back then I used the same service, albeit with a difference. The treatment used to take a couple of hours, but remained effective for several months. The ‘new’ Kerasilk control DeFrizz Service (introduced in May 2017) is a good bit more affordable, takes only an hour, but in turn only holds for about 4-6 weeks – roughly the time between visits to the hairdresser.

It’s basically the little sister of the big treatment, perfect to find out what the service is all about and to book spontaneously. Moreover, the ‘new’ service is actually quite distinct in its effectiveness to the ‘classic’ Kerasilk Control Treatment: The De-Frizz Service only reduces Frizz, and makes the hair easy to control. The difference to the classic treatment is that the new treatment retains the natural volume and shape of the hair. The classic treatment somewhat tames the hair, and reduces the previous volume.


In my case, it made a huge difference.
My hair used to be really brittle, and I could tell exactly from which point they were dyed – the just felt extremely dry. Now the tips are completely smooth and feel exactly like the new growth close to the scalp. I find myself touching my hair all the time now, it just feels so tender and soft. Unfortunately this effect won’t last forever, but I’m doing my best to prolong it by using products designed for use with the treatment. My hair is pampered, frizz is reduced and the treatment comes into full effect.

My favorite products from the Kerasilk Control line are the De-Frizz Primer and the Smoothing Fluid. Both are leave-in products, which can be used after washing your hair but also at any point in time directly on dry hair.
Another favorite of mine is the moisture protection, kind of an umbrella for the hair – exactly the right product for a rainy summer like the one we’re experiencing in Berlin right now. Simply spray a bit onto your hair after styling – done: the styling holds!

in cooperation with Goldwell

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August 25, 2017
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  1. Ich habe vor kurzem ein Paket von Goldwell gewonnen und finde das Shampoo mega gut, also scheint es eine sehr gute Marke in jeder Hinsicht zu sein. Ich liebeeeeee deine Haare so sehr, die Farbe und Form passt einfach perfekt zu deiner Persönlichkeit!
    Liebe Grüße,
    Sandra /