I think I‘m beautiful.


I think I‘m beautiful.
Even on days when I feel less pretty, I still feel kind of pretty. I never think of myself as ugly. Quite on the contrary: I enjoy seeing myself.
There,I said it. It‘s out now.
Are you shocked?

It may be one of the biggest taboos of our time: To think of yourself as beautiful, and to express that.

Doing so, one is usually immediately categorized as self-centered, arrogant narcissist, as if a healthy self-esteem would run contrary to more highly-regarded traits like warmth and humbleness. The beauty industry often enhances this distorted view by suggesting we are not beautiful in our natural state, at least not beautiful enough. Of course, according to advertisers that means that we need layers upon layers of make-up to attain beauty, to the point that our entire faces are covered under thick masks of products.

But isn‘t beauty so much more than a mere sum of superficial, physical traits? In my opinion, beauty is more like a sphere of peace with oneself – regardless of the beauty ideal of whatever decade you may happen to live in. Beauty unfolds in all areas – in nature, science, art.

Shiseido | Gardens of the World | Tokyo | Berlin | Make up Editorial | Asia | Geisha

As a concept, beauty is as individual as our face. And so I see beautiful people everywhere. Each and every day I look at beautiful faces that hold friendly smiles and sparkling, bright eyes. I see faces that are not perfect, but often beautiful for exactly that reason. We are all beautiful, each of us in their own way, and that is a conviction I hold close to my heart and share with my cooperation partner Shiseido.

Like few other companies, Shiseido is synonymous with a form of beauty that comprises more than a sum of superficial characteristics. The company‘s motto is „Beauty with Soul“, and the very name Shiseido translates roughly as „praise the virtues of the earth, from which all life and value is born“. Typically, Shiseido‘s campaigns are characterized by Japanese minimalism and naturalness, representing in equal parts tradition and progress, while naturally encapsulating values like self-love, diversity or LGBTQ. Shiseido is one of the oldest companies in the segment worldwide (this year marks the 147th anniversary!). The brand started as a small pharmacy in Tokyo, which quickly made its name by combining western technology with Japanese tradition.

I first encountered the luxury brand Shiseido as a teenager, as my mum was a huge fan. Years later, as a young adult, I started using the brand‘s care products regularly, especially the Ibuki and WASO lines. These care products were just tailor made for my needs, and I am still a big fan to this day. As you would imagine, cosmetics products by Shiseido are of the highest quality. Not only do they offer outstanding color, durability and skin-tolerability, many of the products are designed for multi-use, which I absolutely love.

Shiseido | Gardens of the World | Tokyo | Berlin | Make up Editorial | Asia | Geisha

Shiseido | Gardens of the World | Tokyo | Berlin | Make up Editorial | Asia | Geisha

Aura Dew, for example, is a highlighter that‘s light as a feather, perfect for eyes and lips but also for the entire face and body. Shiseido has enhanced this ultra-multi-purpose formula with its modern „light-reflective technology“ and added the finest, multi-dimensional pearls that result in extra-strongly pigmented powder. Personally, I really like to use the highlighter on top of other eye-shadow colors, and love that special wet look I can achieve that way.

The Controlled Chaos MascaraInk gives you fantastic volume and extra-long lashes, achieved with the patented brush that covers every single lash. The highly pigmented formula is enriched with polymers for maximum volume with a feathery-light feel.

Shiseido | Gardens of the World | Tokyo | Berlin | Make up Editorial | Asia
Shiseido | Gardens of the World | Tokyo | Berlin | Make up Editorial | Asia | Geisha

My absolute favorite is the Shiseido Sports BB SPF 50+, which combines the advantages of a BB cream with a highly effective sunscreen – qualities that make it perfect for all kinds (outdoor) activities. The special WetForce technology reacts in a way to contact with water or sweat that intensifies the cream‘s UV protection. Meanwhile, the QuickDry technology lets your sweat dry more quickly, giving you that fresh look even directly after a workout. The product packs high UV-A and UV-B protection, and its SuperVeil-UV-360 technology helps to mitigate the effect of skin-aging caused by light. On top of all that, the special nutrient complex Profense CL is highly effective in countering skin-damage like wrinkles and pigment spots. It‘s an unbeatable combination!

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July 31, 2019
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