Shine Out Loud



The sun hangs low on the horizon, and you live through these short magical moments just before nightfall. I bite my lip tenderly, like I always do when I want you to kiss me.
I hold your gaze. I don’t need to say a thing, you read my every thought.
You know what I want.
I only want one thing: I want you.
And I don’t want to wait. .

in Cooperation with Armani
Photos: Theresa Kaindl

A tear flows slowly down my right cheek.
I let it happen. I let you see my tears.
I allow this feeling of helplessness.
‘Normally I don’t cry so easily’, I say, surprised how open I am to show my vulnerable side.
My tender side is my present to you. A proof of trust.
It is on you to be strong for the both of us now.
You say there’s nothing wrong with feeling lonely sometimes, and I believe you.
I trust you.


I laugh out loud.
My eyes sparkle. My laugh is bright and genuine.
I love these moments. You crack a joke and I can’t stop laughing. Carefree moments of joy, when jokes deepen our connection. I smile from one ear to the other. Cheeky one.
I’m only playing.


I look at you, don’t avert my gaze.
‘I want this’, I say, conviction in my voice, no room for doubt.
Every word an exclamation mark.
You say I’m pretty stubborn sometimes. I prefer to call it persistent.
I’m not looking for compromises. I want all or nothing.
Let me take the lead on this one.



This post is also available in RU DE

ECSTASY SHINE is much more than a color balm:
it’s the perfect lip cream for daily use, makes your lips shine, without feeling greasy or sticky. Ecstasy Shine nurtures, colors and intensifies your individual appearance.“

Linda Cantello, Giorgio Armani International Make-Up Artist

It is nurturing, sexy and brand new on the market:
Ecstasy Shine, the new lipstick by Giorgio Armani.

Whenever there’s a new lipstick out, I tend to consider it for a blog feature, and with Ecstasy Shine I was never in doubt. The new lipstick by Giorgio Armani leaves nothing to be desired, it colors like a creamy lipstick, nurtures with moisture like a balm and shines like a gloss.

Talking about gloss: the trend is moving towards more shiny textures again. Ecstasy Shine looks a bit like liquid lacquer on the lips. At the same time it doesn’t dry out the lips due to the patentet top filling technology with active substances that hydrate, nurture and protect and make your lips look fuller and softer for up to 8 hours – including moisturizing care. All that in 18 colors, ranging from natural to poppy tones in stylish packaging. Style factor 1000.


Care, shine and color – what else could you want from a lipstick?

This post is also available in RU DE

October 6, 2017
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  1. OMFG, das sind mit Abstand mal die aller schönsten, sinnlichsten und heißesten Fotos ever liebe Masha! *_* Wirklich traumhafte Ergebnisse, wow. ♥

    Der rote Lippenstift sieht verdammt gut an Dir aus! :)
    Beide Daumen nach oben (und jetzt wieder den Mund zu. :”) )