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Meine Lieblingsteile


Born in 1989, I – Maria Astor aka Masha Sedgwick –have lived in what must be the most beautiful city in the world for the last five years: Berlin. The idea to start a blog first surfaced in 2010, when I began to write down private reflections on events in my life, and gradually collated these texts into a kind of ongoing diary. I never stopped writing, and over the years I also developed a profound passion for digital media and photography. Drawing on my love for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and also socially relevant issues, I channeled the growing success of my blog into a concept in which my personality, my love for writing, and my know-how as a pioneer in the influencer world form an authentic, unique whole. With time, I started using other social media channels as outlets as well, among them Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and a podcast, and today I regularly express myself creatively on all of them. Using these different platforms, I take my readers, followers and friends along on on trips to distant corners of the world, or offer them glimpses behind the scenes of the fashion world through my personal, sometimes polarizing lens.