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The second week of January wasn’t a great one for me. Rather unfortunately I suffered a herniated disc in the cervical spine! What a nice start into the new year!
I was at Berlin Jump House with my boyfriend, felt confident enough to attempt a summersault and boom, there it seems to have happened. Stupidity is always punished, it appears. What hurt almost as much as the slipped disc itself was the realization – once again – that I am no longer 18, and that I couldn’t just try these things the way I used to. And on top of it I was joking around with my boyfriend beforehand, going on about how lame it is that, now that we are grown-ups, we deprive ourselves of all the fun things we liked to do when we were younger, you know, stuff like amusement parks, crazy sports and trampolines. Now I know why that is: because our bodies are past their peaks. So it came as it seemingly had to, and I was punished for my foolishness. Or at least admonished, let’s say. Of course it could have been a hell of a lot worse!
All in all I was still incredibly lucky. As painful as the whole thing is, at least I didn’t break a vertebra, and I got the correct diagnose quickly. To be sure, this still meant a marathon from doctor to doctor for me, which will continue for a couple more weeks, but at least it comes at a time when I can handle it. So, yeah, could have been worse I guess. I’m going to have to take it easy for a few weeks, and focus on my health, above all other things, to make sure I’ll actually be able to reach all my goals this year.

Sadly that’s not the only bit of bad news for me. My boyfriend has headed to Asia, where he will stay with a bunch of friends for three weeks. I mean, I can’t really offer him much here in my current state anyways, I’m totally aware of that. But it doesn’t help my mood that he’s leaving. Not one bit. How do people manage to keep long distance relationships going? I feel a heavy weight on my chest from missing him, even after a few days. Fortunately I have my cats here, else it’d just be too lonely. Well, with all that going on, I’m still trying to see the upside. Now that he’s away I have time to clean up my place, to throw stuff out, to make a bit of chaos now to avoid just that in the future. I have to admit that my working morale has suffered from being with him, most nights I just prefer spending time with my man. So I’m hoping I at least have a couple of productive weeks ahead, slipped disc notwithstanding.
I also have some genuinely good news: Fashion Week is starting next week! For a while it was unclear if and when it was going to happen this year, given that Mercedes Benz bowed out as main sponsor, but hey, it looks like Berlin somehow managed to pull it of! Whether the event actually benefits from the developments remains to be seen, but my agenda is packed. Whether I’ll manage to actually do everything I planned is on a different page, of course. Health comes first. Be that as it may, I’m looking forward to the big reunion. It’s going to be fantastic!

Outfit | Street Style in Berlin | Street Wear | Labels: Dr. Martens, Topshop, Opening Ceremony | style: casual, sporty, tomboy


Kindl center for contemporary art | Haegue Yang | Installation | Museum | gallery | Berlin Neukölln

Kindl center for contemporary art | Haegue Yang | Installation | Museum | gallery | Berlin Neukölln

Kindl center for contemporary art | Haegue Yang | Installation | Museum | gallery | Berlin Neukölln

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I discovered a pretty incredible blog. Doesn’t have that much to do with fashion, more with science – but presented in a way that even I get it! The blog covers current topics like AI and space exploration, and outlines issues in each of the fields it covers in simple terms! Well, now that I know a bit more about the issues, I am both excited for the future and worried about the problems we’ll soon be facing. Dear readers, we do live in an incredibly exciting time, and I think most people are not aware of it at all. For starters, read this article about AI here (it’s very long, mind you). I can promise you it will change you!

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I am really, really looking for a personal assistant (m/f) to join me full time from February/March onwards.
You need to be able to write, photograph and do layouts, have good Photoshop & Illustrator skills and we also have to be on the same wavelength aesthetically. My ideal candidate will help me maintain my blog and take over a range of every-day (organizational) errands . I’ll work you in, and I’ll teach you a few things, but you’ll have to be up for learning a lot on your own, as you go. You need to be flexible, independent and disciplined, up for meeting people, excited about new challenges and you need to be based in Berlin. Good English is important, but we are going to communicate in German. If this sounds interesting to you please send a mail with some application info to management@masha-sedgwick.com. My manager will narrow the field of applicants down and I’ll make the final choice. I’m very much looking forward to hearing from you!

Januar 14, 2018

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  1. I hope you get better soon <3
    I used to be in a long-term relationship for over two years. It was super tough even though we lived an hour and a half away from each other, but somehow we pulled it off. My top tip: even if it is his fault, learn to very quickly let go of any arguments. Sorting things out when you are not seeing each other face to face is tough, and it is just so easy to just not pick up the phone today, tomorrow, ever.

  2. There you go about being past your prime again. :) Relax, sister! I noticed that many women who care about their shape come to the point (around 30 I think) when they realize that they can’t keep doing what they did before and get away with everything as easily. So they start getting really fit and healthy. By 40 or 50 they are in a better physical shape than they used to be in their 20s.
    I once read an interview with Cindy Crawford where she said that when she was young she used to work out to look good in a swimsuit. Now she works out to be able to help her husband move a couch if he needs it.
    Pretty much as soon as you stop working out and dieting for looks and start doing it for performance you’ll achieve both. I have a feeling you’ll eventually come to that. But for now, just get better and take care of yourself. Back injuries are a serious matter.
    P.S I’m 41, I’m in a way better shape now than I was at 20. And I wasn’t in a bad shape then, I just wasn’t as strong. Your prime is what you make it.

    1. Actually I love working out and I feel much stronger than I was in my early 20s, so maybe that’s why I was a little bit too enthusiastic. I still want to look good in my 40s and 50s so I have to do my work out for the next few years I guess. Also I want both: be strong AND sexy :D
      The fact that I have to stop my work out for the next few weeks makes me really sad. I just got back into my routine!! :(((

      Also I love to hear that you feel way better now than 20 years ago. I want that, too!