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Street Style in Berlin | AW17 | Outfit | Fashion | coat: By Malene Birger | elegant, chic, checked | Autumn | Winter | Prada Ribbon Tasche

.Street Style in Berlin | AW17 | Outfit | Fashion | coat: By Malene Birger | elegant, chic, checked | Autumn | Winter | Prada Ribbon Tasche

coat: By Malene Birger
shoes: Vic Matie
bag: Prada


anuary is nearing its end, and I feel it went by way too fast. It was a really relaxed and beautiful month for me. I finally managed to cross off a bunch of important items on my to-do list, and even had something that resembled a private life. Writing these lines I am actually grinning, aware how highty-tighty that sounds. But seriously: I had an awesome month, it was just plain fun – and that’s an emotion I was lacking sorely in the preceding couple of weeks. Before it was all work and hardly any rest at all, and now, barely one month later, I can see how much it helped to change up my schedule a little bit.
I feel like a different person. That’s also in large part due to the fact that I am trying to change on the inside, you know, consciously. I have become a much more positive person, and much more relaxed, too. I try not to take everything too seriously, and have worked a lot of expanding my inner space to accept others the way they are. I am much less worried about my professional future than I used to be – that energy goes more towards thinking about how I can stay fit and trim.

I’m not always happy, of course, like, non-stop, but I do my best to see the upside in every situation and to stay on a good plane, mentally and physically. I made a resolution to have more time this year, to tackle what needs to be done in a more relaxed way instead of living in constant stress. And so far I’ve been pretty successful, I must say. I would like to focus more on myself – I’ll let you know what exactly that means once I have figured it out. One way or another, it was a happy month. But also, as it tends to be with these periods, my month of lying low is coming to an end.
You probably noticed that I didn’t work very much this month. That was a liberty I took, but at the same time I am ever more aware that I need to get going again. As for now I’m looking forward to Fashion Week in Copenhagen next week! I have my favourite Fashion Weeks, you know, and Copenhagen is constantly on top of my list. There are few other fashion events where the fashion presented is so wearable, and where the overall mood is as familial as it is in Denmark.

Street Style in Berlin | AW17 | Outfit | Fashion | coat: By Malene Birger | elegant, chic, checked | Autumn | Winter | Prada Ribbon Tasche | T-Shirt: Givenchy

Home, sweet home:
I only invested a part of my spare time into the blog, most of my energy went into my home. Getting rid of old stuff takes much linger than I thought it would, which probably shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. Ever since I’m living alone I have the freedom to follow every creative impulse I have, and that has led to a couple of great improvements: a dark blue hallway, a black kitchen floor, a grey blanket and a couple of new pieces of furniture mark only some of the changes. When moving into this flat I took my time to get everything right, which also means I have quite a bit of space to work with now. I’m looking forward to taking you on a room-tour once I’m done here :)

shirt: Givenchy
skirt: Maje
shoes: Vic Matie

I am reading a lot these days, some of it pretty trashy stuff to be honest, but with the occasional gem in between. One of those highlights for me was the book ‚Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind‘ by Yuval Noah Harari, in which the author critically dissects the human evolution, and somehow also has a stab at us humans as a species on the whole. He brings up a couple of questions that I never really thought about – questions that really have changed my perspective on many things. I have developed a hunger to know more about the big questions concerning our future, and engage a lot with some possible scenarios we may be facing as a species really soon. If this sounds remotely interesting to you, then this is the right book for you. It never gets boring… which I guess is to be expected considering the story: the whole history of humanity.

At long last, we have a new episode of Matchalatte for you! After a break of one month, Lisa and I got together to discuss Fashion Week, the time between the old and new years, but also our desire for closeness and attention. It’s a quiet, somewhat introspective episode, and I am super happy that we’re back. The regular weekly rhythm will hereby resume again :)

Street Style in Berlin | AW17 | Outfit | Fashion | velvet dress: Ulla Johnson | elegant, chic, velvet, boho, grunge | Autumn | Winter

dress:Ulla Johnson
boots: Givenchy

Street Style in Berlin | AW17 | Outfit | Fashion | red two piece: Mango | belt bag / fanny pack: Gucci | Girlboss | elegant, chic, office, bossy, sexy | Autumn | Winter | Prada Ribbon Tasche

two piece: Mango
bag: Gucci

Street Style in Berlin | AW17 | Outfit | Fashion | striped shirt: Comme de Garcon Play | pants: Drykorn |  elegant, chic, stripes | Autumn | Winter

shirt: Comme de Garcon Play
pants: Drykorn
vest: Jil Sander

Last, but not least:
A little while ago I met a young woman called Kim. She worked in a PR agency then, and was a blogger herself. We took a selfie together, and I was immediately infected by her positive attitude, which is also why I kept casually following her on social media after our ways parted. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, but she took it bravely and never showed any doubt that she, Kim, the fighter, would win the battle. She was young and had an enormous will to live – why should she not be able to beat her cancer? As 2017 took its course and my year got more and more turbulent I lost sight of Kim. At some point I even forgot her Instagram handle, and even though I thought of here from time to time (‚I wonder how Kim is doing‘, ‚I guess she’s beaten her cancer and is back to posting holiday pics‘) I never checked her profile in that period. Until this week, when I accidentally stumbled over her account. I was really happy to have found her again, but that lasted only for a second, before reality hit and a deep sadness washed over me. I read that she lost the battle with her illness. Kim is dead.
Even though I didn’t really know Kim, and even though our paths have crossed completely by accident, I am deeply moved by her story. It makes me incredibly sad. She was young, so full of energy, and death seemed like an impossible outcome. How can it be that the cancer still won? There is no answer, of course. I guess these things are part of life too.
Kim’s life – and her death – leave a trace in me, also in the sense that her fate reminds me how precious life and health are. How often do I shove aside the things that make me happy to focus on banal problems? What’s all that stress and frustration good for? We should celebrate life, be conscious and grateful of the fact that we are healthy, and do our best to live our dreams, fulfill the wishes we have. I hope from the bottom of my heart that Kim is doing great now, wherever she may be.

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  1. Wie schön, dass du Kim und deine starke Betroffenheit erwähnst Masha.
    Auch ich war, ohne sie persönlich zu kennen, unheimlich traurig und geschockt über ihren plötzlichen Tod.
    Ich denke sie hinterlässt in all ihren Followern eine Spur und erinnert uns daran, wie kostbar das Leben und unsere Gesundheit ist,

  2. I’m sorry to hear about Kim. It’s crazy because I lost a friend, at the age of 23 to a rare form of cancer. Her name was Kim as well… I wasn’t even close friends with her, but when I was told that she had passed, I burst into a fit of tears. It was just strange to comprehend. On another note, I’m excited to check out your room tour!


  3. Yayyyyyy, Matcha Latte!!!! Ich habe erst vor kurzem angefangen, eure Podcasts zu hören und momentan kann ich mir den Alltag ohne euch nicht vorstellen!
    Ihr bringt mich tagtäglich zum Lachen und macht jeden Tag besser. :) Ich habe alleine letzte Woche 14 Folgen gehört und werde mir gleich morgen im Zug die neue Folge anhören! Danke dafür!!!
    Liebe Grüße, Sandra

  4. Broke my heart, the story of Kim! I am working with ovarian cancer patients at the moment, with depressing survival rates. But breast cancer patients are doing so well, not fair, she was so young.

    On a more cheerful note, happy you had a good January.
    Love from https://tbymallano.com/

  5. Oh Masha, you moved me so much with this post. I’m so happy to hear you’re going through so much personal development, seeing the positive things and not taking things that personally anymore. Also, Kim’s story has made me so emotional and although all this is incredibly sad, I guess we all should take this as a lesson. As you said, life is so full of beauty, we should take the time to be grateful and happy, regardless of the little problems we mostly see as big issues. Thanks for this and lots of love from Australia.