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It’s time for an update. This column is no longer a ‚weekly‘ one, but it doesn’t seem like you miss it all that much, and the simple fact is that I can’t always be sure if I have a fresh an interesting reflection for you every week. But a lot has happened since the last update, and I figured it’s time to let you in on it all.

How best to sum up last week? It was turbulent – and I was happy. I feel like I ran some kind dof marathon in February, everything happened at the same tome somehow, I was overwhelmed and sometimes close to despair. You may have noticed hints of it here and there, and it definitely showed on my blog, which was really quiet last month. That’s a real shame. After all, I am a blogger with all my heart, and there are so many issues and subjects I want to write about.
But after the marathon comes the recuperation phase: May is my month to come down and to catch up with everything I didn’t have time for. I’ll have to see how far I get, because very soon I’ll head off again – this time to Greece, but more about that in a bit. And no, I’m not flying to Santorini or Mykonos. I have altogether different plans.
Other than the trip to Greece I’ll spend a good deal of time in Berlin in the weeks ahead, which makes me happy. For me, Berlin really is the best place to be in summer. Can’t wait to see the city with new eyes, to rediscover it in the warm season together with my boyfriend. Right now I’m taking in every last little ray of sun, doing what I can to live the time to the fullest, to make it unforgettable. Spring time in love – what a combination.

And there’s something else I’m very happy about: the work of the last weeks is starting to show results. The big highlight is my Youtube comeback. It’s finally happening, and we’ll gradually roll out new clips from here on in. Also, I have an overhaul of my blog design coming up, which I’ll hopefully be able to present really soon. It will be completely different and new, a design that clicks more with how I feel right now. All in all, there’s a lot of progress, and it’s looking good.
So, plenty of changes, not only professionally, also in my private life. The biggest change of all is with my inner attitude. It’s crazy how much more beautiful life is if you don’t force yourself. I learned to let go, to give up control, to simply enjoy. Looks like I’m starting to get the hang of happiness.
You really need to be ready for it, though.
For a year now I have actively been working on being happy, and I’m really getting better at it. I feel better than I ever have. I may have figured some essentials out at this point. I’ll probably write a post about it as part of my Project 30 series, but first I have to test and fine tune a couple of methods. At any rate, being happy takes more work than I imagined.

Talking about happiness, do you know what else made me happy? Your feedback regardin the About You award! The post was a real success for me: it made me so incredibly happy to see so many of you – bloggers and readers – backing me up on this one. Instead of being mad at me, most of you reacted really positively to my text. That’s the greatest compliment I could have hoped for! Thank you!

Big News

Finally it’s official:
I have launched my Youtube channel!!!
While I did have an account in the past, this one is different. Feels a bit like starting from square one again. I’m super proud of the first videos, they turned out exactly as I hoped. The idea was to present my personality in a professional production, and I really think we managed to do just that. Maybe you see now why the re-launch took so long. Honestly, it was quite a mission to find someone who thinks like me and who believes in me. But the search is over, I found the perfect partner in crime for Youtube. Can’t wait to post regularly from now on, with a new clip every week! Do you have suggestions or wishes? Anything you’d like to see? Let me know! We’re shooting again in two weeks.



The Square
This film is a MASTERPIECE! It’s been ages since I saw such a funny social satire. You know, when it comes to humor in films I’m generally a bit complicated. But The Square manages to poke fun at relationships and the art world at the same time, and it all blends together into a piece of film art. This one’s probably not for everyone, but I’m sure most readers of my blog will enjoy at least some parts of it as much as I did. Check it out!

Hotel Matze
Have you already heard the new episode of Hotel Matze? Hotel Matze is one of my absolute favorite podcasts, so I felt honored to be invited by Matze himself (the founder of Mit Vergnügen) for a little chat. I was really nervous thatg day, and quite upset emotionally because of that whole About You thing. That’s probably why I’m taking a bit of a negative stance on some issues. On the whole, though, we had a genuine, very honest conversation about my youth in Dortmund and my reasons for sharing my life online. Have a listen and please share your feedback (even if it’s critical!). I’m curious to hear what you thought about it….

Favorite songs:

Last, but not least:

‚I am stressed out.‘
How I hate this sentence. I hate to hear it from others, and I hate to say it myself. For one because I dislike stress in general. But also because I’m aware of how much more stressed out we are in this day and age than we used to be.
Actually, hang on, is that even true?
Do we live in a stress society?

Professional pressure, family pressure, around the clock availability, short reaction times, constant progress and an ever-accelerating pace of life tend to overwhelm us, and the result is stress.
Now, there are plenty of ways to counter stress. Digital detox is definitely one of them. TAKING TIME is another (see here). Even a little change of scenery, like my excursion to the Palmenhaus in Vienna can do wonders to clear the mind. A little trip can be like a mini vacation for the brain and hear.
But I discovered another method I really believe in now:
I just erase the word ’stress‘ from my vocabulary.
Starting today, there’s no more stress for me, I’m kicking out the entire concept.
Our language and choice of words have a huge impact on us. The words we use to describe our inner states, even to ourselves, are like mantras. All too often, instead of thinking positively, we focus on the supposed harsh truth of negativity. And in that way we condition ourselves with self fulfilling prophecies:
I say I am stressed out, so I am stressed out.

How about replacing ’stressed‘ with being ‚busy‘, or in a ‚hot phase?‘.
What changes if we change our perspective from being stressed out to being in a process of development?
Doesn’t the latter feel so much more wholesome than the former?
Yes, I do believe by placing our inner focus on development we foster progress.

The point is that we can change our thought patterns and emotional paradigms from negative to positive. Another example is the word ‚boredom‘, which simply does not exist in my vocabulary. Is it because I’m simply never bored, or am I never bored because I eradicated the concept from my life? I’m not quite sure. But I have the hope that I’ll be able to cut out the idea of ’stress‘ in my life in the same way. I don’t want to have to say ‚I’m stressed‘ ever again – because I am not. The crazy thing is that my decision is completely fresh, but I already feel a huge impact on my life. Less stress equals a happier life. Does this really work?
It is much easier not to accept the endless to-do list, and to work off my errands one by one. Feeling less stressed also enhances the ability to see the wider picture, and to think creatively in more than one direction. For example, instead of being annoyed that I can’t enjoy the nice weather with friends, I give myself a nudge, move my office to the balcony and work there, with a view of the park. The difference between stress and diligent work (with a smile on your face) is often small. But it is crucial.

Mai 18, 2018

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  1. being happy takes more work than I imagined. – Now this is honest and people really don’t realize that being happy isn’t as easy for a lot of people. Thank you for being transparent!

    1. Thank you too Lea! It’s often a long journey to oneself where you have to learn not always to please everyone. Staying true to yourself and living healthy egoism is the key to a healthy and happy life.