6 Fashion Phrases I’m Sick and Tired of Hearing


Do you keep hearing the same bunch of phrases thrown around in your professional life, phrases that you really had enough of by now? Luxury problems that plague your friends, or that one word your boss always uses and that really pushes your button? You know, these clichéd sentences that automatically have you roll your eyes, these empty buzzwords that unleash a wave of aggression in you every time you hear them?   Well, I definitely hear quite a lot of that stuff in the fashion industry, and especially in the influencer scene, and I react allergic to some of these phrases. The worst thing is that I sometimes catch myself using some of them, too #facepalm   So, while it may appear like I am throwing stones sitting in a glasshouse, I still wanted to keep the classics from you. Let the throwing begin, I guess: without further ado, here are

6 sentences I’m tired of hearing from fashion people. Alternative title: if you think about saying this, maybe consider shutting up instead.

Photos: Constant Evolution Location: Volksbühne

“Blogging is exhausting” Seriously, blogging is a real job and all, but I can’t help rolling my eyes whenever I hear young girls, who maybe post once or twice a month, complain about how exhausting it all is. Sure, blogging takes a lot out of you, but it is in no way comparable to professions that are genuinely physically taxing like, say, laying bricks in the heat of the day, or STANDING behind a counter for 8 hours on a stretch.   That’s exactly the reason why I am grateful for the long string of shitty jobs below minimum wage I worked back in the day – it really helps me appreciate my current profession. Of course, frustrating moments and days are part of it, but at the end of the day I am simply grateful, from the bottom of my heart, to be able to grow in a profession I really love. Even if I sometimes have to bitch about it ;)

„I couldn’t decide between the three Gucci bags, so I went for all of them.“ The consumption fervor and wastefulness of some of my colleagues makes my blood go cold sometimes, especially in cases where nothing is set aside or invested in any way, and all the money flows back into luxury goods.   Many influencers are flag-bearers of pure consumerism, propagate it without any filters and live by it. I know, the glasshouse etc., but I do think it is important to also emphasize conscious consumption and to retain a sense of perspective on trends as well. Not every trend needs to be followed, not every must-have must be had. Especially us influencers should also keep a critical eye on ourselves in that respect, and we should accept our positions as role models with responsibility. In my opinion, buying a bag (or three) for the price of an average monthly wage every month runs counter to that responsibility, at least in my opinion. It’s just out of touch.

“No it’s pronounced Loewe (loev), not Loewe. (löw)” Random example, I might just as well have used Acne or Belanciaga, or one of countless other brand names. The point is, no one likes a smart-ass. Not in school, not in fashion. It happens to everyone, it definitely happens to me, sometimes we mispronounce names. So what? In principle I don’t mind being corrected, my ego is not fazed by such things, but it really depends on the how.

“Do you think this works in my feed?” I would like to admit straight away that I’m definitely guilty of using this phrase way too often. In fact, I sometimes ask myself how it could have come to the point that I am consciously selecting backgrounds just because I know they will work well in my feed. Isn’t the beauty of photography in its potential for variety? Not in Instaworld, apparently. A beautiful, visually coherent feed simply gets more attention than one that is overly random. The question will keep coming up: will this image work in my feed?   Man, how I miss the times when people still shared real moments on Instagram….

“Do you think Vetements is still happening, or is it ‘over’?” Just like with summer hits, there are certain pieces or fashion labels whose lifespan does not extend one season. This is especially true for smaller labels, who have not yet established themselves, and may not have convinced with their second collection – the drop into obscurity can be very swift. Today in, tomorrow out. That’s how fast it can go. And apparently the succession of trends is so swift that there’s not enough time anymore to use German words like ‘angesagt’, and more often than not fashionistas revert to ‘denglish’ vocabulary. Over and Out.

Sorry, we only have Sample Size. How I hate hearing this sentence. Especially when I’m trying to squeeze my ass in trousers that are clearly way too tight. Not a chance. ‘Do you have these in one size bigger?’ ‘Sorry, we only have sample size..’ It’s the broadest hint that you’re simply too fat for fashion. Or that fashion’s simply not ready for you yet.

blazer: Ellery shoes: Givenchy jeans: Zara shirt: Baum & Pferdgarten bag: Dorothee Schumacher

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  1. Richtig toller Beitrag liebe Masha, du hast es auf den Punkt gebracht! Echt super geschrieben und die Idee finde ich super, vor allem der erste Punkt muss man sehr sehr groß schreiben…
    Liebe Grüße,

  2. I love that you also share the ideal of conscious consumerism! I am guilty though with the “does this work in my feed?” I’d like to think my Instagram as an art display and I use my facebook to share photos of real moments. I guess that’s my way of justifying it haha.