9 Random Facts


I sort of felt it’s been too long since I shared my last round of random facts, and decided to do something about it. So let’s jump right in, here’s the inside scoop on some of my characteristic traits and quirks, strange ones maybe, probably quite irrelevant, and definitely altogether random!

9 Random Facts

photos: Jacky Vifer

shirt: Nakd leather jacket: Filippa K. bag: Dior shoes: 3.1 Phillip Lim

I love vegetables Man, if you want to make me really happy with veggies, all you need to do is cook some cauliflower for me, especially if you know how to do it right. I can’t say why, but I have this huge soft spot for cauliflower – it’s SO TASTY! I love it on its own, but also with asparagus, tomatoes and everything even remotely resembling truffles. Just makes me happy. That’s a general thing with me, actually: I am a foodie, and I thoroughly enjoy eating.

I never write back That’s really one of my biggest personal flaws. Somehow I don’t seem to be able to keep touch online, let alone cultivate relationships. I’m more in the non-responder camp. I get scolded frequently for it, too, but somehow I’m hopeless. It also goes for the most important people in my life – but nor because I don’t want to communicate, it’s just that I prefer to use my mouth rather than my fingers.   Getting a ‘good night’ or ‘good morning’ from me already counts as pretty special, reserved to my closest circle of people I hold dear. On the whole, I’m pretty incommunicative. What a great trait for someone in my profession (not).

My ears are huge. Did you ever notice that I don’t expose my ears very often? At some point I got obsessed with my ears. First I was annoyed with how they were protruding, so much so that I made my mum promise she’d pay for a surgical correction once I’d reach adult age (in the end I never got it!), and later I got insecure about their size. No idea how it happened, but the somehow corrected themselves as I grew up. However, they continue to grow. Back in the day I reacted quite sensitively to jokes about my ears, these days I’m relaxed about it all, not least since I found out what big ears actually stand for ;)   There’s only one thing I can’t understand. Why do I have such big ears yet no musical sensitivity whatsoever? It ain’t fair!

I believe in zodiac signs. No discussion. PS: Mine is Aries.

I drive…fast I am exceedingly impatient, and unfortunately this trait is reflected in my driving style.   On top of it I’m a very emotional driver. I can get really upset about pedestrians crossing the road at a red light, cyclists that take up the entire lane and other drivers slugging along at a snail’s pace. I’m pretty quick to curse, complain and honk, too. I’d love to blame it on Berlin (well, Berlin definitely play’s a part in it), but deep down I know it’s me, not the city. I just have an irascible personality, plus I’m impatient, and it shows all too clearly in traffic. When I’m on the wheel, my passengers frequently get scared – unnecessarily, in my opinion! As brash as my driving style may be, I am always concentrated and focused. I usually have both hands on the wheel, never forget to look over my shoulder, and I ignore my mobile phone. That’s something, right?

I think I’m prettier today than I used to be Sometimes, when I see pictures of myself from back in the day, I can barely believe that the person I see is supposed to be ‘me’. I think I changed so drastically over the years, sometimes I’m struggling to recognize myself in old pics. It’s kind of fascinating how much the face changes, and how much of a difference the varying distribution of fat in your face and things like plucked eyebrows make. Be that as it may, I feel my inner and outer self are much more aligned these days, and I am happier with my face now than I was ten years ago.

I collect magnets Whenever I visit a new country, I make a point of getting a magnet as a souvenir. Nothing could be more pointless, I have no use for magnets, in fact I don’t even own a magnet board. Still, I keep telling myself I’ll need them one day. Until that day arrives, I hoard my magnets in a shoebox that I guard like a treasure.   I am trying to channel my energies towards jewelry when I’m on a trip somewhere, at least that’d make sense somehow :D

I talk to my cats I think this is actually quite common. Well, as far as I am concerned, I can’t help but talk to my pets. Sometimes I just chat with them, other times I apologize before leaving home for a trip, I tell them how sorry I am to leave them, that I’ll be back soon and that I love them loads. I’m not fooling myself into thinking they understand me, not necessarily, and the longer I am away the more convinced I become they don’t get what I’m trying to tell them, otherwise they wouldn’t always be so grumpy when I come home. Not only do I talk to them, though, I do it in this high pitched voice. My pet voice. I also use it to greet cats and dogs of strangers. You probably guessed it, it’s pretty embarrassing (to others).

I’m turned off my accents – expect for the accents of Cologne and Berlin! I’m so sorry, Swabians, Bavarians and Saxons. I am fully aware that it’s part of you, and you can’t simply drop it, but it’s about as unsexy to me as my Denglish is to others. If a boy comes on to me and has a strong accent, the conversation is pretty much over straight away. I think it’s crazy how the German language is mangled sometimes. Nothing cute about it, in my mind.   The same goes for all variations of ‘ghetto lingo’. Doesn’t sound tough, certainly doesn’t sound cool. Just sounds like you shouldn’t have dropped out of school. Cursing is a different story though, I quite like that :)

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  1. Personally I am a garlic addict, which is probably way nmore annoying for people around me, garlic and spinach to be precise – my bf often laughs that i will soon start drinking tea with garlic instead of sugar in it… :)