BFW: 5 Trends for AW18


They’ve really been banging the drums in the run-up to Fashion Week this year! Rumours abounded.   Was it actually going to happen? Where would it take place? And who would participate?   Well, all those questions and uncertainties are yesterday’s news now, the shows were fewer in number than usual but overall outstanding, and I am already looking forward to the next edition of Fashion Week. But let me go straight to sharing the goods. I compiled the top 5 trends of this Fashion Week for you:


Leather has been a fixed part of daily outfits for a couple of years now. In Berlin, designers showed blazers, coats and trousers made of this classic material. Fancy extravagant over-knees made of leather? Fashion Week has you covered. That particular accessory is sure to add a rock touch to every outfit.


The Pantone trend color of 2018 is taking over German runways. The color always pops, whether in it’s original form or with shades of fuchsia or lavender. Imagine a pullover in that color – definitely an eye-catcher in your closet.


It gets tight around the neck. The summer collections tend to reveal too much skin, but the upcoming autumn/winter collections are promising the exact opposite. Many designers showed buttoned-up creations with barely a hint of cleavage in Berlin. At least that means we won’t get cold so easily!


Blazers have become a veritable fixture in the fashion world, and have long proven that they have outgrown their boring office image. From short and sweet to oversized and masculine – there is no end to the variations.


These colors are already omnipresent on the shelves of every clothing store, from high class to consumer levels, and they are here to stay in the next winter season as well. Good for us, as it means that we’ll get to hold on to the colors of the sun in the cold and dark season.

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  1. Whenever I see ‘trendiest colour of the year’, I remind myself on when cherry was the most fashionable colour on the runways and I was so excited, and then it turned out it never hit actual stores… ;)