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Are you already in the Christmas mood and getting the last presents or do you already have them all together and just have to wrap them up? For both cases I have a few tips in my article today.

in collaboration with Peek & Cloppenburg (There are two independent companies called Peek & Cloppenburg, with respective headquarters in Düsseldorf and Hamburg. This article was created in cooperation with Peek & Cloppenburg KG, Düsseldorf. You find more information about locations and branches at You can explore the new space POP IMPRESSIONS – MISSION CHRISTMAS until 31 December in all participating branches.) 

It’s gonna be galactic.

Every season a new, the Pop Impressions by Peek & Cloppenburg completely won me over, so I couldn‘t help but let inspiration run wild with a concept of my own this Christmas. Following the motto Mission Christmas, Pop Impressions comprise a bunch of wonderful gifting ideas for our loved ones – with a galactic twist! Peek & Cloppenburg created a futuristic universe, which invites us to dive into far-out galaxies to discover unknown realms of inspiration. From lifestyle to decoration, the space offers a broad range of gifts for every taste.

jacket: Tommy Hilfiger
sweater: Tommy Hilfiger
skirt: Tommy Hilfiger
bag: Calvin Klein
boots: Dr. Martens
My personal favs?

Fuji Film Instax,

Sennheiser headphones,

Calvin Klein bag

and Diptyque!

For me, only half the fun is is actually finding the presents I‘ll gift – I‘m at least as excited about wrapping them all up, usually at the last minute. This is where I can let my creativity loose, where I can experiment with new techniques to wrap my gifts beautifully and individually. In the best case scenario, the wrapping complements the gift, serves as an extension of the idea that was behind selecting the gift in the first place. With all that in mind, and following the motto Mission Christmas, I came up with something very special for you guys: 5 simple life-hacks for spaced-out gift wrapping!

All you need is normal and transparent gift wrapping paper, a bunch of different ribbons, decorative objects like planets, shiny stars and confetti – and a little bit of patience. Each of the following hacks works great in and by itself, but also when mixed and matched according to your taste!


All you need for hack number one is confetti and two kinds of wrapping paper – noprmal one and the other made of transparent foil, ideally with a shimmering effect or the like.

Firstly, wrap the present in the normal paper, then place it in the center of the transparent foil. Now sprinkle confetti over it all, and wrap it a second time with the foil. With little effort and without much gluing and craftsmanship you achieve a decorative and unique gift wrap this way!

But be careful!

The decorative elements can be quite easily pimped as well with the right accessories at hand. My gift hack: instead of the standard ribbons try using some galactic accessories like these little planets.



The third method requires a lot more patience and fine motor skills and is ideal for using gift wrapping paper leftovers: first wrap the gift normally, then fold the edges of the rest and wrap half of it around the existing gift and wrap it in such a way that the gift is double wrapped on one half. Thus, it has a kind of bag in which a greeting card fits perfectly.

Remember those shining stars you used to have when you were a kid? They are ideal to stick on the gift (depending on the structure of the paper with glue or adhesive tape) and make the gift look very Christmassy!




The following is a variant that I use, for example, when  I have not packed very carefully and had to use a lot of tape and want to conceal it: Pack the gift normally in the first step and simply use tape instead of ribbon. In most handicraft shops you can get very different tape and wrap it creatively around the whole gift. It is always important to lay it flat so that no wrinkles appear. This method is also ideal if the wrapping paper has cracked or if the packaging has proved complicated due to other circumstances.

Last, but not least: Super simple and perfect for the not too patient among you: The parallel gift ribbon! You can create a pretty cool and easy effect by taking two different ribbons and tying them parallel around the already wrapped gift. For a touch of extravagance, I also recommend using different ribbons and experimenting a little with the different colours and textures.

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