Dear Fashion…


I’m worried about you.
I know you went through a rough patch recently: first digitization, then the competitive pressure, and now this rising trend of sustainability and transparency.
You were not prepared for any of it.

What’s more, it seems that you have in fact fallen a little out of fashion yourself, so to speak. You got used to the abundance that your success brought with it, and maybe you got too used to your comfortable position in which you could always brush off responsibility. It just wasn’t your problem. The really important issues – you left those to others to solve. You preferred to keep your attention focused on yourself, on the latest trend, and on the trodden path leading straight ahead. You never considered changing your course. If you would have, maybe you would have noticed how many of your supporters you were starting to leave behind. You would have noticed how they had to prop each other u, to avoid going under. Meanwhile, you stuck to your path, and look where it has lead you: a dead end.

Dear fashion, it is time to turn around.

Don’t be sad about it, we all lose ourselves along the way sometimes, we all make poor decisions. In the best case, the experience helps us to outgrow our own limitations.
But that is only possible if we admit to the errors of our ways.

Dear fashion, I need to lay it on you in all clarity:
More is not always more.

“More is more” has lead us to the current over-saturation.
“More is more” has steadily chipped away at your pristine sheen, and has made your formerly shiny appeal dull and ungainly.
Most of all, “more is more” is an altar on which you sacrifice lives. Your methods have become increasingly dirty.

But there is some good news, too:
It is not too late yet.

If you take a turn now, you may end up on a path leading you towards a much brighter, much more beautiful scenario. Imagine, you could break out of your current, rushed frenzy, you could leave the smog of your own toxic exhaust behind and catch a fresh breath. You could take in the beauty of the world around you and work with it. How about that? Maybe you could even be what you always wanted to be:
a pioneer.

Dear fashion, it really is time to change.

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