A journey through time and space


I look high up into the sky. About 5000 stars look back down at me. Some of them are long gone by the time their light reaches us, while others have been born up there in the dark, but their light has not reached us yet and we can‘t see them. When we gaze into the night sky, we see the past. We see a universe that has long moved on, that has continued to spin away from us in all directions. Even if we could observe stars from close up, we would know no more about their present moment. The next star is more than 4 lightyears away from us. The distance to the closest neighboring galaxy is 160.000 lightyears. 160000!

If someone was to look at our earth from another galaxy, they would only see the beginnings of humanity unfolding in front of their eyes right about now. Isn‘t it ironic – someone may be able to observe our beginnings, in the moment we may be bringing our existence to an end?

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So I look high up into the sky filled with stars, and I feel wonderfully small. We are tiny and insignificant in this universe. We are less than a grain of sand in the desert, our life span is less than the equivalent of the proverbial bat of an eye. But talk to any of us, and we‘ll tell you how big our problems are. Big enough to fill our entire world.

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Shouldn’t we be looking into the night sky more often, to see the world from above? Doesn’t this perspective help us to see a bigger picture, help us to be a bit more laid back about our lives?

Thoughts like these swirled around in my head as I gazed into stars that were not real. The lights on the firmament that so enthralled me were part of the show at the planetarium in Bochum, where we watched a breath-taking educational film about the universe. And as we embarked on this virtual journey, stopping off at all the planets of our solar system, I felt strangely weightless. What are my worries measured against the immensity of the universe?

I have no idea whether Peek & Cloppenburg had it all planned out like this when they invited me to Cologne, to stargaze and to start celebrating the upcoming festivities, but this weightless feeling coated the experience in real magic. Peek & Cloppenburg is all about celebrations and festivities right now, with focus on a wide range of stunning dresses and outfits for the festive days ahead.

My journey through time and space helped me to understand once again that this may indeed be the best thing we can do:

We should take a wider perspective on our own lives, and we should definitely celebrate life more often. We are just sparks in the universe, our time on earth is so short… we should be the brightest lights we can be while we are here. 

So, enjoy life!

Put on beautiful dresses, out-sparkle the stars in the sky, and make sure to glance up there into the vast expanse of the universe from time to time. 
After all, we don‘t know what tomorrow holds for us, nor what the future looks like. No one knows. Not even the stars. 

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November 20, 2018
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