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Who of you guys knows this scenario? You bought all the Christmas presents you needed – there’s just this one missing, for that one person who’s somehow more complicated than the others.   You don’t quite know what to give them, either because they are so demanding, or because he has everything already… or maybe you just feel you don’t know them well enough. But don’t despair! For exactly those special cases I made a list of 10 perfect presents which raise the chances for a happy Christmas considerably!

The Jetsetter They are always on the move, traveling to the most distant corners of the globe, or else just commuting a lot. One way or another, there’s one thing that’s always a pain in the neck when traveling: the battery is always running out. So, how about a special suitcase? German brand Horizn has launched a pretty awesome suitcase: stylish through and through, with a built-in, hidden power bank! Not only will you travel in style, you won’t have to get annoyed by empty batteries anymore.

Cat Mummies Cat lovers, this one’s for you! Of course you cant really gift cat toys to people who love cats, but how about some subtle cat jewelry? Cat papa Karl Lagerfeld honored his Choupette by launching a jewelry collection that is both subtle and classy. Sure to make the hearts of cat parents beat faster.

For everyone! One thing that always works as a present: shared experiences! Whether it’s a movie voucher, concert tickets or tandem parachuting! What’s important though is that the present consists of two vouchers and not just one. It’s about sharing, after all!   PS: Vouchers for a special experience on an already booked trip are also a fantastic idea! For example, why not gift a helicopter tour over New York when you know that you’ll visit the city?

The Conscious Choice Fortunately, sustainability seems to be a lasting trend. We increasingly reflect on our consumption habits, and also have an eye on the ingredients in our cosmetics products. A high quality product like the hand cream by Studio Botanic – the super stylish and fair organic cosmetics brand from Germany – is a perfect gift in that respect. You basically can’t go wrong here, everyone needs a good hand cream in winter, and the fact that you can use it with a clean conscience makes it perfect.

The Frostbite Do you also have that one friend who’s always, really always cold? How about gifting them some nice hand-warmers, for example by Zippo? Or a great pair of gloves? We tend to not buy such items for ourselves, even though they make life so much easier.

The Adventurer What makes adventurers and home practically minded people happy? How about this ingenious wristband, which packs quite a few surprises under its inconspicuous surface? A closer look reveals that it’s actually a multi-tool with 25 (!!) tools! From screw driver, corkscrew – it’s all there.

The Gourmet No appetite for chocolate? Howabout licorice? I’m not usually that big a fan of licorice, but Lakrids is a different story. The brand turns licorice into a special experience, with a broad palette of amazing, individual tastes. Plus, the little pralines look absolutely irresistible! A much more original present than the standard box of chocolates!

The Eternal Youngster You know those women who you want to squeeze for their secret of eternal youth? Good genes, sure, but can that be all? Maybe a cream? I recommend: the pillow! It’s proven that our quality of sleep plays a big role. Sleeping on silk and in certain positions helps avoiding wrinkles! So, how about the perfect pillow? You’re essentially gifting good beauty sleep. What a present!

The Forgetful Type Some people are struggling with order and structures. Always late, often forgetting dates, generally not that reliable. We still love them, but it’s definitely a little annoying sometimes. This type of friend is who pos-its were invented for. A decorative pack of post-its is a great gift idea, and will help them be more organized in life!

For Bookworms Last, but not least: how about writing a nice letter? I think its a real shame that the tradition of writing letters seems to be slowly dying out. How often do you get a letter that comes from the heart? Personally, I keep such letters forever! Writing a heartfelt message in style works best with a pretty pen and good paper. So how about a beautiful, engraved pen as a present? One with which you wrote some personal lines on scented paper? And if you use beautiful paper the words will flow even more effortlessly :)

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    1. Ja, diese anderen Gift Guides gingen mir auf den Keks, deswegen habe ich nach 10 wirklich besonderen Geschenken gesucht und manche hatte ich schon seit Monaten im Kopf (wie zB den Koffer oder dieses Werkzeugteil)