Gift Guide under 30 EUR


The festive days are inching closer, and for all of you who are still searching for the perfect little present for friends and family, I compiled a neat little selection of gifts for under 30 Euros. I cover everything from jewelry to wintery accessories to a general party selection for the special days ahead.


& Other Stories is a great port of call when it comes to high quality candles for a small price. You find all the nuances of scent you could wish for in the cold, German winter season, and you can be sure that your olfactory senses will be pampered and your flat will be lit up atmospherically in that special festive way

High-Street-Label COS proves over and over again that jewelry with that high-end look does not necessarily need to cost all that much. The label offers designs that are tastefully  reduced to the aesthetic essentials, like this golden brass chain, which emits an air of class an elegance with its asymmetrical gold platelet.



The chain works super well with these golden statement earrings by & Other Stories. Order both together for a great ensemble present.


A fashionable and practical Christmas present that‘s stylish and keeps you warm at the same time:the beanie! Why not combine both components and gift your loved ones a bunch of winter accessories?


Talking about fashionable and warm: no winter ensemble is complete without a scarf. Ideally, you choose the color first and then order the matching scarf to go with it for a perfect present!


The illustrations of Liv Ann van der Laan aka LouLouAvenue bring together the worlds of art and fashion in clear, confidently-stroked coal and ink drawings. Inspired by countless fashion icons and multi-faceted beauties, the Dutch artist found her very own artistic language. Drawings up to a size of 60 x 90 cm are available via Junique for less than 30 Euros. 

Black mascara is a staple beauty product in any case. It‘s a true classic in the beauty world, for sure! A new find for me is the  24 hours Curl & Volume Mascara, which adds an extra helping of volume to your lashes, for the more than affordable price of 6 Euros. It‘s the perfect little gift for upcoming parties and festive occasions, don‘t you think? 



And while we‘re at the subject of parties and festive occasions: the gift I probably rely on most often, in fact my uncontested number one in that respect, is alcohol. And, of course, not any alcohol will do! I like to gift Campari. The Italian aperitif, with its dry and bitter note is the basis for so many cocktails. My fave?  Campari Americano, which is made with red Vermouth, soda and ice cubes, garnished with oranges. It‘s the perfect aperitif cocktail in summer as well as in winter, simply ideal for any occasion imaginable.

An ideal companion gift with a bottle of Campari is the  Little Book of Cocktails by Rufus Cavendish. It‘ll definitely come in handy for new year‘s eve!


Kitchen accessories by MADE go extremely well with a bottle of aperitif as well, of course. There‘s no better and more stylish way to prepare drinks than with products of the Blaze line.



And for all of you who prefer classics like sect and champagne during the festive season – fear not, I have you covered! How about these stylish, flat drink bowls, perfect to clink glasses with on Christmas and New Year‘s Eve?


…or, in fact, a decanter, which makes every bottle of wine seem that more classy, and actually improves the taste of it by letting it breathe?


On a side note, I do believe you simply can‘t own enough side tables. Usually they look amazing straight away, and their practicality is undisputed. I particularly love this black model, not least because it doubles up as a kind of serving trolley at New Year‘s.

I don‘t know how you feel, but personally I like classic card games in a sociable round, and I‘m always happy to have the opportunity to try new games. Why not gift a game for Christmas?


Last but not least, no party is complete without the right kind of music box.

Pro tip: assemble a personalised Spotify playlist for a special someone, and gift that along with a music box.


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