I can’t live without… Part I



Favorite product:
Dyson Haartrockner

I will openly admit that I was quite skeptical towards this fancy hair-drier in the beginning, even though I do appreciate the Dyson brand a lot. I mean, I bought my second vacuum cleaner from those guys just recently. But a hair-drier? Well, my skepticism was unfounded, the drier is in fact revolutionary. Firstly, it dries my hair much faster, which makes it also more healthy for the hair. Another plus: it is smaller and more portable than regular blow driers, and its negative ions prevent static charging of your hair. Unfortunately, the price point is rather hefty, well above the competition. That said, it truly is an outstanding product. If your hair is quite damaged or if you style it very often, this is an investment worth considering.

Favorite hair product:
Goldwell Smoothing Fluid

I just love no frills hair products. Ideally, they should be easy to use, yet very effective. The Kerasilk Smoothing Fluid by Goldwell delivers on all fronts. It nurtures the hair, smoothens structures and can be easily applied in dry as well as wet hair. The perfect product when you’re traveling, as well. Pro tip: I love using this product instead of gel, and tend to apply it when I bind my hair into a pony tail.

Favorite bag: Fendi
How I love these precious moments when fashion pokes fun at itself. Especially when it’s done by a major, traditional house like Fendi. For a while now, the family enterprise (?) has designed bags with eyes that look like little animals. My bag looks a bit like an angry bird – and I love it!

Favorite ritual:
Fake nails

When it comes to nails, I’m still looking for perfect solutions to some problems. It gets on my nerves having to do my nails every single day, and generally speaking I find myself not wearing any nail polish most of the time. But that’s not always the best option – especially not when I’m on the road or when I’m shooting. Naturally, my nails do break eventually without protection. But I found a great solution for this particular problem: when times are especially stressful, I attach gel nails. It’s not a permanent solution (not least because it can be unhealthy for the nails), so I make sure to let my nails breathe frequently and for sufficient periods of time. That said, whenever I’m pressed for time and need a quick solution, I use the fully styled adhesive nails by Kissie. The stay attached for about 5 days until they eventually come off. A quick and easy one stop shopping solution for perfect manicure.

Favorite beauty product:
SK-II Elixir

This is pretty much THE beauty recipe from Asia, and a real bestseller in the region of beauty innovations. Not kidding, in Asia this product has a similar status to that of Nivea cream here. Why? Well, apparently it’s a secret weapon against skin aging, no less – tried and tested for more than 40 years by now. The main active substance is called Pitera, and is essentially a rice wine extract. The substance was discovered pretty much by accident, when someone pointed out that employees in sake production facilities routinely had hands that looked very young, whereas the faces aged normally. The quest to identify the reason began, and the end-result is Pitera. This special patented substance is the backbone of the entire brand today. I’ve had the bestseller – the essence – on my list for a long time, and finally got around to buying a bottle. The essence is applied in sort of an intermediary step between cleansing and moisturizing the skin. I guess we’ll know in about 20 years whether the product really lives up to the big claims ;)

Favorite beauty brand:
Elizabeth Arden

6. By now, everyone knows the 8-hour cream by Elizabeth Arden, and for good reasons! The properties that this cream packs are borderline magical – plus it is THE go to cream against dry lips, fixing them in minutes! And there’s another product by Elizabeth Arden that has been a staple for me during those past few tumultuous months of traveling: small, golden capsules, which contain some kind of oil. I like totally them in the evening before going to bed, so the oil can seep into the skin during the entire night. The convenient capsule form makes it easy to take a few with me in my beauty case wherever I go. Takes no space whatsoever. And the next day may skin is soft and tight.

Favorite discovery:
Foot Maske

Now that the winter is about to start I can definitely get on board with this trend from Korea! The foot mask is essentially sort of a pair of socks that you put on, and then you wait and let the active substances absorb. You don’t notice anything straight away, but after a few days your skin begins to peel, the old callused skin comes off and reveals new, rosy baby skin in its place. Now that we’re in the middle of the autumn season this is a perfect way to get baby feet the easy way. A word of caution: your feet will be quite sensitive in the beginning, and the procedure is a little disgusting. So make sure to pick the right timing, and wear soft socks for a couple of days.

Favorite app: Inshot
Many people ask me how I do some of my Instastories. The answer is: I use Inshot! It’s basically a video and photo app, which also includes filter functions and allows you to edit your video as well as overlay it with music. In the end it’s a lot of work, but the app definitely helps to facilitate the editing process, and it’s laid out very intuitively!

Favorite place:

Entering thsi store almost feels like coming home.
It’s really one of my very favorite places in Berlin, and hardly a day goes by without me stopping by for a coffee or a quick hello. The clue is in the name: the place focuses on super foods. As an added bonus, it’s probably the most Instagramable café in Berlin. Next time you’re in Mitte and up for a coffee (or a Matchalatte), give Superfoods a go. My personal recommendation is the vegan wafer with berries on the weekend. Yummy!!!!

Favorite shop:
Luisaviaroma & the Special Collections

Collaborations between designer and shops in which the former design collections for the latter are standard practice, we think of examples like Lagerfeld for H&M or J.W. Anderson for Uniqlo. But usually it’s major designers creating collections for major brands. The approach taken by LuisaviaRoma is a good bit cooler, if you ask me. The brand also gives relative newcomers the chance to realize collection, for example Marina Hörmanseder or Angel Chen (from China). The designers create individual pieces for LVR, which then tend to garner a lot of international attention and land on store shelves next to Dolce&Gabbana and Missons. Pretty awesome concept, and I’m particularly happy for Marina, whose famous strap-skirt was just reissued by LVR. Congrats!

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October 20, 2017
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  1. Toller Beitrag liebe Masha, die Idee finde ich suuupergut! Ich fahre in 2 Wochen nach Berlin und kann es kaum erwarten, ins Superfoods zu gehen. ;) Vor allem die Waffeln schauen meega gut aus. Ansonsten gefällt mir noch deine Fendi Tasche sehr sehr gut. Danke für die Inspiration!
    Liebe Grüße,