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.Portrait with glasses | Yun Berlin | blonde

Portrait with glasses | Yun Berlin

Portrait with glasses | Yun Berlin

Eyewear: Yun
From the moment I first heard about the Yun concept, I was enthusiastic. And when I tried it I knew I had to tell you guys about it when there’s a good opportunity. Well, what can I say, this post is the opportunity.
Yun is a South Korean label (family owned, by the way), which operates a flagship store in Germany. An eyewear brand – so far, so good. Here’s the thing though – one hour after you set foot in the store you already hold your glasses in your hands! That’s right, no eternity of waiting, no collection ticket, none of that nonsense. Your glasses are made on the spot, including the lenses in your strength.

Here’s how it works: you choose a pair of glasses, tell the shop assistant your data (or, alternatively you can also get your eyesight tested if you don’t know which strength you need, in which case it takes a little longer than an hour). The specialists will then select the right lenses for you, your glasses are sent through a manufacturing process that you are welcome to observe (watching how the lenses are cut is pretty much a happening in itself), and, tadaa, your glasses are ready. And now get this – the complete glasses INCLUDING lenses will cost you only 100 – 200 EUR. If this isn’t a great tip, then I don’t know what is.

Smashbox Matte Lipsticks Palette Flatlay

Smashbox –
Be Legendary
Matte Lipstick Palette

I love lipsticks. You probably know that about me by now. I usually carry at least one lipstick in my handbag. Unfortunately, when I’m on the road I can’t take my entire collection with me and have to make do with only a few. But as we know there’s a solution to every problem, and here it is: the matte lipstick palette by Smashbox, a collection of matte lipsticks. I’m not usually that much of a fan of lipstick palettes, but this one is simply wonderful. The colors are beautiful, and, as promised, nice and matte. This makes it very easy for me to take XY colors with me on a trip, to have them organized and ready at a glance, and I no longer need to worry about whether I have the right tones with me.


Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Lipcheek Rouge
5. We all know that finding the right rouge is not all that simple. At the same time it’s necessary to get it right – if you find the right tone, you’ll have a great tool at hand to give you a fresh and youthful appearance. Well, as far as I am concerned, my search is over, I found the perfect rouge: Lipcheek it is a brilliant pink, liquid and brings an instant freshness to my face, as if by magic. I tend to get plenty of compliments, too :)

overnight repair mask treatment review


True Volume Blow Dry Spray
A short while ago I had an appointment with Shan, who gave my hairdo a little update and freshened up my color and also gave me a bunch of little goodies to take away. Besides running two successful salons, Shan also developed his own hair care and styling product line. And there is one that I’m particularly fond of – the True Volume Blow Dry Spray. I noticed that the hormonal changes led to a decrease of my hair volume, so I desperately needed a product I could use to make my hair look a little less flat. You simply spray the Blow Dry Spray on your hair as you blow dry it, and you will notice a gentle increase in volume. The spray has become a staple in my routine and is absolutely indispensable for me.

Night Repair Serum
I am a huge fan of night-care products! Our skin is very absorbent while we sleep, so I tend to make sure I don’t let a night go by without applying a care product. For some time now I have been using the Night Repair Serum by Estee Lauder, and I really love it. It absorbs quickly and, based on the revolutionary ChronoluxCB-technology, the product supports the skin in repairing the daily damages inflicted by UV light and pollution. My skin gets the moisture it needs while I sleep, and I wake up with a silky complexion!

Sleep Plus Hair Elixir
Talking about care! Just like you can do a lot for your skin while you sleep, there are also great ways to nurture your hair and give it the chance to regenerate while your slumber. I use the Sleep Plus Hair Elixir by English organic cosmetics brand This Works. A variety of oils including Argan and jojoba oil provide your hair with the optimum of nutrients, which also makes them easier to style in the morning. And there’s more: essential oils spread a wonderful fragrance that gently rocks you to sleep. Not only my hair loves this product, my soul does too. And on top of it my boyfriend also really likes it when I apply the stuff, even though he still doesn’t really understand that the fragrance comes from my hair and keeps asking me if i ‘put on that awesome cream again?’.

Favorite shoes: Robert Clergerie
Finally the long winter starts to give way to spring, and the temperatures rise slowly but steadily! Excellent news for my mood – and for my feet! I’ll finally be able to ditch the boots and other winter shoes and let my feet breathe fresh air. As it seems that the slipper trend is here to stay – which I am super happy about, by the way – I got myself another pair. This one’s by Robert Clergerie, and they are so amazingly comfortable to wear that I wish I’d never have to take them off again, ever!

Style Crush:
Celine Aagaard

Some people ooze style to the point you feel they could wear anything and look great in it. Celine is one of those people. Every time I see Celine wearing something I want it straight away, hoping that I will look even remotely as cool as the Scandinavian beauty. She really knows how to put together looks that are classic, comfy and edgy, all at the same time. If I would have to name one fashion role model – I’d be really hard pressed not to pick Celine. Make sure to check out her Instagram account and visit her blog.

Favorite restaurant Gogogi
I keep a little mental list of my favorite restaurants here in Berlin, places that I frequent really regularly, pretty much once a week. Gogogi is one of them. It’s a South Korean restaurant that offers dishes prepared with a looooooot of love, served in an incredibly beautifully decorated space. And the best thing: whether you like it light and fresh, vegan or spicy – they have a great dish for every taste on the menu. My favorite is the stew. When you’re there treat yourself to a glass of South Korean liquor – it’s just beyond amazing!

Handmirror aka charger

Some things are pretty much indispensable in a woman’s handbag. Lipstick is one of them, money, of course, and – an external charger. So I thought to myself, why not be practical about it, why not kill two birds with one stone – and got myself this little mirror-charger unit. It charges my phone when my battery status runs dangerously low, and I also have a little pocket mirror at hand when I need one to make sure the lipstick looks perfect.
Now let anyone say women don’t have practical minds!

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March 17, 2017
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  1. Cool, dass bei der Palette so viele und auch einige edgy Farben dabei sind! Ich habe auch die Stiftform lieber, geht schneller – aber nachdem ich sie oft eh mit den Fingern auftrage, macht eine Palette auf Reisen voll Sinn! Gefällt :)

  2. Die Lippenstift Palette von Smashbox sieht richtig klasse aus! Vor allem
    gefallen mir die Farbtöne alle sehr. Es ist einfach jeden Anlass ein perfekter Farbton
    dabei – einfach klasse! :)

    Ich habe mich übrigens sehr über Deinen lieben Kommentar auf meinem Blog neulich gefreut! :) ♥
    Hätte nicht gedacht, dass Du je auf meinem Blog vorbei schauen würdest, um ehrlich zu sein. :”)


  3. Die Brille ist wirklich einzigartig. Wenn das mit der Sehstärke dann genau passt ist es ja super. Ich hab selbst keine Brille, drum kenn ich mich da nicht so aus. :)

    Liebe Grüsse
    Sylvia – Fotografieblog

  4. Sooo tolle Favouriten Masha.

    Einmal bitte alles in meinen Warenkorb please :)
    Vorallem die Nachtpflege hat es mir angetan und die Lippenstiftpalette <3

  5. Das Night Repair Serum steht auch ganz oben auf meiner Wunschliste. Ich habe schon so viel positives gehört. Das mit der Brille klingt toll – leider ist Brille-Kaufen ein leidiges Thema finde ich – es ist schwer eine schöne und passende zu finden und die dann noch bezahlbar ist.