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Somehow it is. I think I’ll never really get used to it. But here I am, on Leicester Square, strolling through rainy London.   As so often, London shows its overcast face, but even so the city is breathtaking. I will always be up for a short city trip to London. Anytime.   But why am I here this time around? One name:   Kate Moss.

Jacket: Reserved jeans: Reserved boots: Reserved

But let’s take it from the top:   When Reserved asked me spontaneously whether I’d be up for attending a shop opening of a new Reserved store, the fashion chain from Eastern Europe, and all that here in London, and with the opportunity to meet Kate Moss – THAT Kate Moss – I didn’t think twice. Of course I was up for meeting Kate Moss!!! I mean, I even named my cat after her.   The truth is, if I have a style icon, it would have to be Kate and her legendary look. Always cool, but also always somehow glamorous, and definitely always with a touch of rock’n’roll. I guess the Eastern European fashion chain Reserved felt the same – and proceeded to launch a whole collection with her.

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„Wear it like Kate“ is the name of the collection and was suitably launched in Kate’s hometown London

Typical for Kate, the collection play with a lot of patent leather and even more black. It also includes a cool denim jacket here and there, and the odd check pattern. Yes, I guess in terms of style Kate and I would get along great. Unfortunately she does not know it yet.   I must say, the autumn/winter collection by Reserved is right up my alley at the moment: cut-outs and piercings attached to pieces of clothing, and especially the over-arching college style – these elements definitely make me happy.

dress: Reserved jacket: Reserved boots: Reserved

So, how did the meeting with Kate turn out? Unfortunately it was rather unspectacular, I only saw her enter the room briefly, and leave shortly thereafter. She only said she didn’t like the light, turned around and left.   Well, I guess Kate Moss does as she pleases.

In cooperation with Reserved

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