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in collaboration with Raumfreunde

I‘m sitting at my table, letting my gaze wander around the flat. Quite a lot has changed in here since my last interior post. Some of the differences I perceive reflect the changes in my private life which so characterized my last year. There were a number of them, but the separation from my ex-boyfriend was probably the most profound.   This separation has led to many small and bigger changes in my daily life, but the most substantial impact has been on my life inside my own four walls. After all, we had lived together for 4 years, and now I was alone again. Saying goodbye to my old love also meant saying goodbye to a number of (beloved) pieces of furniture, while welcoming others into my home. My living room and office were particularly affected. I’ll make sure to show you my living room in a separate post (it’s not quite finished yet), but right now I’d like to invite you into my office, a room that I am really proud of!


In the past, this space has felt a little empty to me. Sometimes it bothered me that it felt too feminine somehow, also, in a way, unfinished. Compared to the rest of the flat the room was just too cutesy, and it just never integrated well with the concept of the flat as a whole.

A change was needed!

Change, in this case, would have to start with a bunch of stronger elements. Said and done, I scrapped the pink and gave the room a new coat of paint. I opted for a grey-green ceiling, which I felt works perfectly with the other rooms, and since I’m generally a fan of that particular tone anyways. Why the ceiling? Because it is a statement, and an unusual one at that.   Many have advised me against it, to be honest. The main consensus was that painting the ceiling in that color would make the room smaller, and many were sure that I would regret it. But I achieved exactly the desired effect: I wanted to create a cosy work environment, a space in which I would not feel lost. So, instead of reaching for the regular option – white – I went for darker tones, and am super happy with my decision. The room is very large and high anyways, and I don’t feel at all that the dark ceiling is in any way oppressive. On the contrary, I feel it makes the entire space special and atmospheric.

Next, the table had to go as well. My old table had suddenly looked almost lost in the large room, and it was too small for two people to sit at. That was the decisive factor, really: I wanted a HUGE, beautiful desk, in the middle of the room, a center piece that several people could work or eat on at the same time. You know, some time after my separation, I fell in love again, and after a while David moved in with me. The new love also necessitated a new work concept for my flat, as David is a freelancer much like myself, and also tends to work a lot from home. But he needs a good bit more space than me, which made my old desk rather impractical. So we decided to welcome another roomy into our flat:


Ando is exactly what I was looking for: a dark element in an otherwise light room, a table that is large, yet elegant and slender in form. It is contemporary and timeless all at once. It is large enough for 4 people to comfortably work on it and for 8 people to eat on it at any one time.   The latter point was also a crucial one for me – I love inviting friends over to cook together. On those evenings, my office is converted into a dining room in no time at all, and Ando (the label is called Raumfreunde) becomes a stylish dinner table.   And talking about style: the surface are of the table is coated in high-quality, dark-grey melanin, so it’s not a big deal if a little wine gets spilled on it. The surface is visually impressive as well, in fact I already used my Ando for a good few flat-lays. I guess Ando likes being the center of attention.

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  1. Hey Masha,
    dein Office ist dir wirklich toll gelungen! Da lässt es sich bestimmt super arbeiten :) Bin gespannt auf die weitere Entwicklung deines persönlichen Interior Design Projekts!

    Liebe Grüße aus Nepal,

  2. I love your style girl! Your blog, your Instagram account! You crashed! everything what you do, seems to be so innovative compare to all other fashion/ lifestyle bloggers. I cannot believe you have only 170K followers on IG, you deserve a million! Kisses & love :*